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Dolphinlina's Wardrobe post 2014

This is my second Wardobe post and it has been a quiet year, all the items from last year are still present but some are at my parents home. I couldn't justify buying more items since I didn't have space but then student loans arrived then I went on a mad shopping spree in January.

Wardrobe 2014

Many of these artworks came with a dress but the one by my friend is a commission of me at a convention.

The inside of my wardrobe ordered by colour and within the colours by brand alphabetically. My skirts don't have room to fit in so they are in a different place.

Coats and Dresses

.Infanta Rose Embroidery Coat is really heavy making it warm for winter.
Bodyline L045 JSK
AP Cosmetic Print OP did not arrive with the detachable sleeves. This colour way is strange as the lace is also black
The offbrand OP has been modified by me as it now has two styles of detachable sleeves and detachable collar.

Chess Story La Robe de Cinderella  OP comes with detachable princess sleeves.
Handmade OP by me using a Gosu Rori pattern though the waist ties are extremely long.
Bodyline Stripe Balloon Bears OP
Bodyline L090 OP

Angelic Pretty A La Carte JSK comes with the matching head bow and socks. The most expensive thing in my wardrobe.
Angelic Pretty Lovely Heart Tulle JSK The hearts at the front are mini pockets.
BTSSB Maria Antonio JSK
BTSSB Poodle Frill JSK

BTSBB Mary's Sweet Sheep JSK I absolutely adore this and it comes with the matching headbow.
Meta Fruit Punch Soda JSK
Chess Story It's High Tea Time JSK
Meta Sleeveless OP with collar It may be an OP but I consider it part of my JSK collection.

Skirts and Shorts

Skirts are hung on the shower door frame as there is no space elsewhere:

Offbrand Bustle Tiered Cotton skirt I think this is Handmade
Bodyline L109 skirt
Meta Fruit Punch Soda skirt
Meta Swan Embroidery skirt

Meta Ribbon Chandelier skirt
Rose Melody Rosa Crucifix skirt

Offbrand shorts are a bit faded so I will be dying it back.
Cmloli sailor shorts came as a set with the blouse.


Offbrand blouse from a charity shop
Rose Melody Rosa Chandelier camisole

AP Symphony blouse
AP cutsew with detachable collar and sleeves
Ted Baker blouse I love the pearl detailing on the collar

BTSSB blouse which I think originally came with a ribbon tie but it was not included when I bought it.

Anna House high collar blouse with ribbon tie
Bodyline L076 blouse
DoL blouse with many detachable bows
Cmloli sailor blouse

Offbrand boleros from ebay or china


Handmade apron by me
Offbrand peignoir which has been modified


Offbrand shoes bought from ebay, Primark or John Lewis

Vivienne Westwood Lady Dragon Heart shoes still smells of bubblegum as I haven't had a chance to properly wear them out.
Vivienne Westwood Anglomania Melissa Croco shoes the heel is a little bit higher then I'm comfortable with so will consider selling them.
Antaina boots took me forever to find a pair which had grip to battle the winter weather.


The boxes remain under my bed to have more floor space. The pastel box is almost overflowing.

All of these accessories were either made from scratch or modified by me. A few of my favourite pieces:

The other accessories with pieces from Angelic Pretty, BTSSB, Meta, Elpress L, Classical Puppets, Chess Story, Bodyline and Offbrand

My collection of Gosu Rori and Gothic Lolita Bibles which is a huge improvement compared to last year and I'm very proud of it but still incomplete since Gosu Roris 5,9,11, 12 have been lent to a friend and GLBs 38,43 and 47 are in the post. My aim is to collect the whole set.

Things that are on their way to me from my January Shopping Spree

and a bodyline lolita lucky pack.

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