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violet_sometime's first wardrobe post


I have really enjoyed seeing everyone's wardrobes and have been very impressed. Although my wardrobe is small I absolutely adore it, it consists of mainly classic,gothic and a little old school. I've really enjoyed collecting and I hope to add more to my wardrobe this year. Sorry about my pictures, I'm currently in the process of moving.


Innocent World

Dot Shatung long version in Navy

I really like this jsk, it's nice for casual wear and also a classic/gothic mix, and the length is perfect.

Mini Rose Doll in Bordeaux

This jsk is from 2005 and is one of the oldest pieces in my wardobe.

(Not photographed Arabesque Rose Tiered Jsk in blue it's currently packed away).


Arabesque Rose Tiered Jsk in blue,the shade of blue is so beautiful


Merry Making In The Ghost Town JSK I in Red x Black

I truly love this print and really like the design of the JSK especially the bustles, it's a very Halloween/October print but I actually wear it quite often.



Vampire Requiem in Navy

The quintessential gothic AATP print! AATP release such lovely Navy pieces, and the print is just gorgeous. This was one of my first dream items and I was so happy to recieve it.


Merry Making In The Ghost Town in Navy x Black

When Merry Making In The Ghost Town was released I could not decide between ordering the navy or red, so I got both in different styles and I'm so glad I did. The colorway is so pretty almost a purple.


Cat Window in Black x Purple

My very first dream item! I absolutely adore this skirt. It's the perfect skirt for me. I love cats, purple is my favourite colour (and sadly is not used in lolita too often) and the design is so cute. I wear this skirt a lot of the time both in lolita and out. I hope to own more of the series one day.


Baby The Stars Shine Bright

Sweet Stripe Set in Black

This was my first ever lolita item, I ordered it directly from Baby and was so very excited when the package arrived. The peter pan collar is very cute.

Innocent World

Rose Damascene in Grey

I purchased this simple yet elegant op off of a nice local lolita who was selling it. It makes a really nice dark classic coord.


Velveteen OP in Black (2004)

This Meta OP is so deliciously old school, the velvet is so warm, it has a very cute peterpan collar and I love the tiers. It's the oldest item in my wardrobe and I feel very lucky to own it.

metamorphose catalogue

I don't know of it's official name just that it was featured in the above Metamorphose catalogue. It's one of my favourite pieces and although I live in a very warm place I still try to wear as much as I can. I hope I can own more velvet Meta items in the future. The matching bonnet or headbow is an ultimate dream item.




Black Cat Witch and The Apple Tree in Navy

Last but not least, my favourite piece. I admired the print for a long time, but never thought I'd own the OP. Luckily I purchased it on an auction site for a very good deal and to my surprise it came with the matching headbow. It's a very exquisite and ott dress with so many details the trim of the sleeves and the skirt is so beautiful it's speckled with sparkles, the corsetting on the bust is a really nice touch, the colours all match so well, it's a really nice length, the sleeves are so long and the velvet bows on the arms and waist tie it all together.

Blouses and a Cutsew


From left to right:
White blouse- Metamorphose, Purple-The Floral Notebook, Short sleeved black blouse- Anna House, Long sleeve black blouse- Anna House and lastly H.Naoto Blood cutsew.

I need more blouses.

Head wear

Hats and bonnets: Offbrand floppy felt hat, BTSSB Soft Bonnet, Elpress L White Bonnet, Vintage Hat

Headbows: BTSSB Sweet Stripe Set headbow in Black, AATP Merry Making In The Ghost Town headbow in Red, AATP Black Cat Witch and Apple Tree headbow in Navy, Cici Work headdress and Innocent World Cream headbow.

Flowers:All offbrand.

Bows: Black detachable bows from Meta velvet op, Pink swimmer bow and Cici Work bow.

Bags and umbrella

White bag Dream V, BTSSB Black Heart bag, Moi Meme Moitie tote and BTSSB umbrella.

I purchased the BTSSB heart bag off of a dear lolita friend and I love it so much, it's such a quintessential piece.

Socks and tights

I wear offbrand tights but I just included my brand socks and tights,arranged by brand and colour.

Moi Meme Moitie Holy Cross OTKs black x blue, Metamorphose Lovely Cat OTKs black x blue,
Metamorphose Snow Crystal OTKs black x silver, AATP Vampire Rose tights in black x purple,
AATP Merry Making In The Ghost Town OTKs in red, AATP Merry Making In The Ghost Town OTKs in ivory,
Innocent World Rose and Playing Card OTKs in blue, Innocent World Ribbon Bias OTKs in sax,
Innocent World knee socks in white.



Sorry Cleo (my cat) would not move out of the way.

From left to right:
Bodyline, Dr.Marten Mary Janes, Offbrand, Melissa shoes (which have sparkles that match Black Cat Witch and Apple Tree OP).

Coming in the mail


Black Cat Witch and Apple Tree necklace

Innocent World Mook and Violin Tote

Thank you for looking at my beginner wardrobe, I hope you liked it <3

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