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2014 Wardrobe Post

Kim's Wardrobe 2014

I haven't ever done one of these before (at least not on LJ) even though I've been collecting for about 4 years. My 'shop skills suck, so please be at least mildly lenient on that count. (All pictures were taken over several days and times, and my white balance was everywhere so I did the best I could with what I had to work with.)

I didn't even take pictures of everything because I was just too lazy, but what I've got here are my main JSKs and OPs paired with blouses and socks - with as little repeating as I could possibly do. Fair warning, I can't coordinate for s@#% and I swear some of these things looked better together when I first paired them than when I returned to edit the photos. Maybe I need better lighting? Oh well.

Without further ado in an order only I can understand?:

IW Tuck Flared JSK. First because it was my first lolita purchase ever (2007), bought off cosmates back when IW didn't have an international site/shipping. I bought it because it didn't have any prints (Lol what happened?). Took forever to find a blouse to pair it with because of the plain front (buttons show through), but I finally got this IW cutsew to work. Random off white AP knee sock pairing (I'd most likely wear this with tights).

Bodyline Love Nadia. The dress I wore to my first-ever meet. Now I wear it with this comfy sweater and tights to lounge around the house when it's chilly.

IW Antique Book. If I had to pick a favorite, it's this one. I wear it to work a lot. Paired with IW blouse and OTKs. The socks have a trump pattern embossed in them, but that just means it's patterned without being obvious, so I wear the socks for the colour mostly.

AaTP Time of the Roses. One of the few prints I actively sought after. A friend sold me the JSK (after I bugged her about it at the first hint that she might sell) and hairclip, and then when I found the OP for sale I jumped on it so fast. Both dresses were sold with socks, so I got two colourways there.

BtSSB Starry Sky of Mother Goose. Another print I actively sought after (one of the Baby designers told me it was her favorite!). I managed to get lucky with the pink colourway (I didn't know the print existed until I found it for sale) and found the matching bow by serendipity, but the navy was my ultimate goal after that and I was so glad when I found it. Now I just need the matching navy bow...

BtSSB Twinkle Constellation and the Stars of Confeito. I think this was the last print I actively went after by reserving it (first dress reservation, too). I somehow managed to miss the socks (still confused on that one) but got the necklace and headbow. The blue is hard to match, and so is the off white lace, so a pink Anna House blouse and indie brand (sorry I can't remember!) tights are my favorite coordinating pieces.

IW Rothenburg. Like everyone else, I wanted this in Black. But first black sold out. And then I realized I had a bag FROM Rothenburg ob der Tauber that was brown and would possibly match it! ... as you can (maybe) see, the browns are NOT the same...oh well. Paired with an IW blouse and headbow, and plain brown tights.

AP Chess Chocolate. Sort of sought after? But not really, because like everyone else I wanted the brown or ivory colourways. I also really wanted the OP but pretty sure I wouldn't fit it. However, a friend talked me into getting the pink by mentioning it as a possible chocolate covered strawberry coord, and so I got it and ran with that and this is what I came up, good enough. I like to wear the jabot like a bowtie instead of on the jsk because of how it sits. I couldn't get the matching headbow (all sold out D: ) but I managed to find a near perfect match on Etsy (with extra dangly thingies). Offbrand brown blouse, AP petite patisserie socks (I know it's not the same brown, but...brown and pink!), and bodyline strawberry purse. Oh and BtSSB wristcuffs.

AP A la Carte Tea Time. My first AP lucky pack purchase. I kinda wanted both the pink bag and the white bag, so I bought the pink bag off the comm sales later :D

Bodyline Carousel print (real name ?). One of the few bodyline pieces I kept, though I had to get it professionally altered. When I got it, it came down to mid calf, and that is just too long. So I had a seamstress shorten it at the waistline for me. Much better now! I like to wear the waist bow as a hair barrette. My only piece that goes with these pure-white Anna House blouse and socks. Handmade wristcuffs.

IW Classical Chairs. Mostly I got this because 1) it has a cape! 2) it was on sale. Got the matching headbow too. Paired with a high-collar bodyline blouse.

BtSSB Dessert and IW Berangere Rose. OPs paired together because...OPs. I have a pair of bodyline shoes that are a near perfect match in color for the Dessert OP. Berangere Rose I got because it just looked so darn comfy (and it is!)

BtSSB Early Summer Chocolate Strawberry Parfait. Another OP, but this one I found semi-matching accessories to. Some Baby cherry/strawberry socks I don't know the name of, and a baby cherry/strawberry headbow. Bodyline strawberry purse.

IW Tiered JSK with Pearls. I actually bought this to use as my "little black dress" for if an occasion for one ever comes around. So far I've worn it a suspect in a murder mystery party taking place in the 40's. Got a vintage headpiece to go with it and everything. Haven't done anything to the straps yet, but I'm planning on sewing on the buttons it came with and making it a regular JSK instead of a halter. Paired with an offbrand chiffon headbow.

AP Country of Sweets. Somehow I was just drawn to it while in the AP store. I have usually worn it with a pink turtleneck underneath (with the neck ribbon tied on top of that) because I've usually worn it when it's cold outside. I also think (most likely incorrectly) that the neck ribbon would look cute as the hair bow...aaaanyway, paired with some old pink bodyline socks.

AP Wonder Story. This was a random lucky find. I was about to buy it in the AP store, but talked myself out of it, only to see it put on the rack of closet child about 15 minutes later. Apparently Time of the Roses socks match really well with it (the colours, the watches...). Here it's paired with bodyline's "Sew Cute" bunny thing cutsew, but only because I was trying not to repeat blouses too much.

AaTP Night Fairy Fantasia. I wasn't that fond of this print until I saw this jsk in the store. Tried it on and had to have it. Got the matching fairy necklace, but no headbow, though I do enjoy wearing the waist bow as a barrette. Offbrand Blouse and wristcuffs, and Haenuli Little Prince tights (which probably don't really go, but otherwise it would've been plain black tights).

IW Elizabeth. It was so beautiful in the store and so I bought it with a blouse and pair of socks that, under their lighting, I thought matched...not really. So now I'm on the fence about selling it because I can't seem to match it with anything.

AP Romance Doll. A friend of mine was selling this, and since I had so few solids (and NO bustle-backs, can you believe it?!) I bought it. Again I think the neck ribbon looks really cute as headpiece (sort of maid-ish, but...). Bodyline blouse and socks.

IW Philharmonie Angel. I bought this with the specific intent of replacing my grey bodyline piano print JSK and purse set. Paired with an IW blouse and headbow. I prefer tights with this one.

IW. No idea what this one is called. A friend of mine got it in her lucky pack and I bought it from her because it happened to fit well (I always thought drop-waists would be awful on me, but this one managed to work). I've worn it to work a few times with both a brown and this IW blouse (with and without detachable bow/jabot). Again I like to wear the detachable bow as a barrette. Offbrand tights (that I swear match better when I'm wearing them...).

AP Milky Berry. This wasn't one I was ever looking for, but when my cousin's wedding was coming up and she was a big strawberry fan (mostly from strawberry shortcake (80's version)) I saw this for sale (jsk, clip, and AP socks) and decided to get it to wear to her wedding...didn't arrive on time. But oh well. Now I have it, and it is cute, so I guess I can live with it :P. Paired here with an offbrand sweater (inspired by the red and the cold).

BtSSB Flower Garrett Juliet. I saw this on the sales comm and also thought about weddings. It was just too pretty to pass up, and I ended up wearing this to my cousin's wedding instead of Milky Berry. I felt like a princess (except for the part where it was an outdoor wedding and I had to wear sunglasses because ick; sun) and got plenty of strange looks - especially since I was the unofficial official videographer.

Juliette et Justine. My only JeJ piece. I don't even know the name. I bought it off closet child, though they measured it wrong (93cm long my foot). It's pretty comfy though, and goes well with a brown pair of boots I have. Just having trouble finding a blouse for it.

Meta and BtSSB Cherry Ribbon. I don't think I have the name for the Meta? The Meta is a cutsew OP that I think is excellent for summer (point 1) and is also covered in stars, which I love (point 2). The Baby one I probably would never have bought except I was about to go on a cruise, and sailor-like collar... I slightly altered it by lightly tacking the shoulder straps to under the collar. They just wouldn't sit right on me. I be-ribboned a sun hat with navy grosgrain ribbon that matched Baby's ribbon perfectly.

IW Greta blouse jacket. My friend was selling the blouse and again I probably wouldn't have gotten it except I was going on a cruise and Sailor Collar (and cute little anchor buttons!). I did not like the matching shorts for several reasons, so I managed to make a pair of culottes (I did not know what these were until my mom suggested them - basically extra baggy shorts) and they worked out well. Also made a matching hair clip. Meta socks (which looked much better together when I wore them...I hope).

My Coats! F+F coat with cape, muff, and detachable (faux) fur collar and cuffs, offbrand pink coat which fits a petticoat excellently, IW Night Bear short coat, IW Cape, and IW 2 way muff/pochette.

A Note on My Closet: It used to be a bedroom. In fact, it used to be MY bedroom, from elementary to middle school. It is a very tiny bedroom, but is almost perfect for a walk-in closet. I have three clothing racks: 1 for work, 1 for lolita dresses, and 1 that shares lolita and work blouses (plus lolita skirts and work pants) (and also holds purses and other stuff, like my pile of random bags on top)

Walking into my closet.

Dual rack with messy bags on top. Top rack is my lolita blouses + skirts that weren't in this post because I don't wear skirts a lot. 3 Bodyline and 1 Meta.

The purple boxes on the shelves hold any spare parts: lacing ribbons, waist ties, detachable bows...whatever I take off for washing, don't wear, or don't want to leave on in storage. The smaller box also holds wristcuffs and handkerchiefs.

My dress rack. The pieces on the end closest to the viewer are pieces I'm trying to sell or thinking about selling. Lovely Sweet Room and Tartan Check can be seen here. AP get their own section in the back because of all the extra POOF from built-in petticoats.

The top of the dresser in my closet holds all my jewelry.

And one drawer of the dresser holds all my socks and tights.

The closet of my closet holds most of my headbows and a few other bows. Inside the closet is a mess of petticoats, bloomers, wigs; plus kimono, extra socks and's crazy.

And though not all of them are lolita, this is my shoe rack. Not all my shoes fit on it (the boots go elsewhere), and not all the shoes fit correctly (it's either meant for narrower shoes or I just buy extra wide shoes, I dunno). Bodyline, offbrand, and 1 pair of Antaina boots.

And that's it!
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  • Unreleased Items You Wish Were Released?

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