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First Wardrobe Post: Sweet, a hint of Classic and a dose of chocolate!

 photo Cover_zpsf75ee544.jpg

Hi there!

This is my first ever wardrobe post and I've been in the fashion for about a year and a half now.

My wardrobe and my style are a bit all over the place atm but I'd have to say that my wardrobe is very casual.

I own a lot of sweet pieces along with a few more classic and otome items. I've been slowly getting rid of my pastel clothing and instead I've been adding more brown tones and gold accents to my closet. So far I really love where my wardrobe is heading!

Now onto the main event:


My wardrobe is predominantly skirts; I find that they're a lot easier to wear and they can be coorded in so many different ways!

 photo Brown_zps5ab43749.png
All AP; Royal Chocolate (RC) 1st release, RC 2nd release, Polka Dot Chocolate, Milky Chan, Wonder Party, Melty RC, RC 2nd release

Wonder Party was one of the first purchases I planned on making when I started in the fashion. In the end though I chickened out and passed on buying it. Ever since then I've had a pinning for it in the brown colourway so I was very happy to finally snag it about a year later!

 photo pb_zps152705ea.pngETC x2; GIngerbread Print, Chocolate Teddy, IW Bambi, IW Forest Animals, AP Loire, Meta Tales of the Wood

The Loire skirt is a very nice old-school style piece and Meta's Tales of the Wood would have to be one of the more underrated faun prints.

 photo pink1_zps96cc3905.png
All AP; Dolce Tartan, Merry Making Party, Candy Denim, RC 2nd release, French Girl, Twinkle Carnival

 photo rb_zps1124c8c8.png
AP Chocolate Rosette, IW Flavie Check, AP x2; Moon Night Theater, Fancy Box, Shirley Temple Heart Crown Jacquard, IW Acanthus

Chocolate Rosette was a major wishlist piece of mine for such a long time and I have always regretted passing up on it during release.

 photo blue_zps0e2a277c.png

AP Wonder Queen, Baroque Missing Rabbit Letter, APx3; Vanilla Chan Applique Skirt, Melty Cream Donut, Petit Patisserie, ETC Donut Print


 photo salo_zps8de7bd09.png
All AP; Melty Royal Chocolate, Sweet Cream House, Clever Tartan x2, Little Bear's Cafe

I'm still not too sure if salopettes suit me or not but I couldn't pass on the Melty Royal Chocolate one.

(I just realised that my Sweet Cream House Apron Skirt has sneaked in there by accident, oops!)


 photo jsk_zpsffcb4092.png
IW Classical Square OP, French Girl JSK, AP Sweet Cream House Laforet Special Edition JSK, IW Bruna OP, IW Acanthus JSK, Aatp Poison de lamour Princess JSK

The Acanthus JSK was a wishlist piece that I was fortunate enough to receive in an IW luckypack!

 photo jsk2_zps1562f307.png
IW x3; Flocky Tulle JSK, Beluga JSK, Octavia JSK, Aatp Card Queen JSK, IW Antique Tartan JSK

 photo jsk3_zps46736fb5.png
IW x3; Bertille Rose JSK, Extra Polkadot JSK, Sailor Collar OP, ETC Gingerbread JSK, Shirley Temple Poodle JSK


 photo b1_zpscb0398e3.png
AP, Dream V, AP x2, IW, Taobao

 photo b2_zps6c1bfa3c.png

Btssb, Anna House, Taobao x2, Meta, IW

 photo b3_zps9b40d346.png Taobao, IW x2, Chess Story, Dream V x2


 photo Cardi1_zps72ded7f5.png
Dream V x4, IW, Infanta

 photo j1_zpsbc1240d5.png

SUPER LOVERS, Deoart, Shirley Temple

 photo cardi2_zps023c20f7.pngETC, AP, VIVID, offbrand, AP, Bodyline, Magical Tea Party, offbrand (op shop)

The last piece is a gloriously tacky jumper. It's made of the softest material and has rhinestone and pearl embroidery around the collar.



 photo 4421e911-681c-4dc9-b8b0-ad487a6e3070_zps3d119d19.jpg

Btssb (name unknown), AP x 4; Milky-Chan, Twin Etoile, Fancy Box, Sweet Cream, Baroque Missing Letter Keys and Rabbit, AP x 2; Moon Night Theater, Royal Stripe

 photo 658c99d6-d434-4288-bd7d-46643d632227_zpsf2746a19.jpg

AP x3; Dreamy Bunny, Wonder Cookie, Millky-Chan, offbrand, AP x2; Drop Ribbon, Throbbing/Tokimeki Ribbon


 photo barrettes_zps120fdb9d.jpg
PICTURE 1 (from top to bottom): AP x 8; Petit Patisserie x 2, Striped Ribbon Line, Sweet Cream House, Melty Cream Donut, Melt Crown, Dolce Tartan, Fantastic Ribbon,  Btssb x 2 name unknown, offbrand rose clip (handmade by me)

PICTURE 2: All AP; Royal Ribbon Grosgrain x 3, Melty Royal Chocolate, Royal Chocolate x 2, Polka Dot Chocolate Button x 2, Polka Dot Chocolate

Barrettes are my go-to hair accessory since I often wear more casual looks.

~Berets and misc hair accessories~

 photo 4abac265-9bcb-4316-bbc0-db484eb45c28_zpsf7f7526a.png

Meta Sailor Beret, offbrand x 2, AP x 2; RC, Marine Girl

 photo d9e399fe-abad-498b-8fe6-adba873f2b64_zps0e6aaa1e.jpg

Elpress Narcissus, Aatp x 2; Holy School Mini Hat, Rose Bonnet, IW Ladder Lace Headdress

 photo 85ddc668-ce92-48d1-b19a-226272fc094f_zpsaf01bcb3.jpg

AP x 4; Vintage Crown Button Combs, Melty Cream Donut Scrunchie, Canotier (name unknown), Ginger Bear Ponytail Holders, IW Vitoria Headress

The rose headdress to the left was a very lovely bonus from a seller! It came with my IW Forest Harvest JSK and it's a surprisingly good match.



 photo 9bdf1a20-aa61-48d5-bca7-533ca4647048_zps92c064d3.png

Angelic Pretty, Meta, Q-Pot, Emily Temple Cute, Kuma Crafts, and Offbrand (Diva, op shops)


 photo 52c6089d-e12a-4431-b4e6-b8b3cb89f99b_zps778d6ac7.jpg

All AP; Throbbing/Tokimeki Ribbon, Aurora Ribbon, Dreamy Bunny, Twinkle Ribbon, Melty Assorted, Wonder Cookie, Drop Ribbon


 photo bracelets_zpsacbc9b75.jpg

All Angelic Pretty; Chess Chocolate x2, Cinema Doll, Fantastic Ribbon. Melty Chocolate, Melty Cream Donut, Masquerade Star


 photo 7a2e0b8f-e1e9-4abc-ad18-83a8a220dd97_zpse0e7cae6.jpg

AP Chocolate Frame, handmade by me, AP Lovely Ribbon, Present Box, Fantastic Ribbon, Decoration Pony, Cinema Doll Frame, Day Dream Carnival, Tokimeki Ribbon x 2, Dreamy Heart Candy x 4, Tea Cup, Chocolate Piece, Chocoalte Ring, Melty Cream Donut, Wonder Cookie, Sweet Cream, Assorted Chocolate, Polka Dot Chocolate. Not pictured: Milky-Chan in pink


 photo de32f9de-4d83-4dd7-8f18-f2e551c7705a_zpsc3d43c2c.jpg

AP x2; Sweet Cream Biscuit and Wonder Cookie

I'm not really a big fan of earrings, I find that the weight of them is often really distracting. Normally, I just wear plain studs or a pearl pair.

 photo new_zps8b996e3e.jpg

All AP; Wonder Queen Brooch, Sweet Ginger bear necklace and ring, Royal Chocolate Multi Case

A few of my latest arrivals! (sorry they weren't included with the rest of the pics)


 photo 809210b2-761f-4acf-9219-d75f0f933486_zps3f58f601.jpg

AP x 4; Creamy Donut Cutlery, RC cuffs, Melty Chocolate, RC wristcuffs, Bodyline ACC1031

 photo d02046ad-dcb5-4963-9dd7-822e00d664d0_zpsc92678f6.jpg

My brooch collection is a mix of brand and offbrand. The stuff along the top is all AP, the stars and teapot are Chocomint, and the Mad Hatter Pin is Btssb.

The cat pin is by Tall Rabbit (a local artist) and the faun + rabbit brooches came from High Treason . The rest were picked up at various local stores or from opshops.

 photo collar_zpsd3541194.jpg
Offbrand (ebay,) Btssb Bunny Scarf, offbrand (ebay,) SWIMMER faun fur collar

The SWIMMER collar was a very nice bonus item that came with my Wonder Party skirt.


 photo BAGs_zps0e56183c.jpg
Mainly Angelic Pretty with a few Btssb, Meta and IW pieces. Bottom right are all op shop finds.

For some reason or another I always get lucky at op shops when it comes to bags.

I have to say that the Btssb Heart Pouch is the most impractical bag. Not only is it ridiculously small but it also scratches very easily.


 photo socks_zpsccd4fd86.jpg
AP x 2; Coat of Arms, Marionette, IW Air Mail, offbrand (Target,) AP x 2; Jewel Ribbon, Lace Frame, IW x 2; Biscuit OTKS, London Bear, AP x 3; Chelsea Argyle, Coat of Arms, Wonder Party, offbrand (ebay,) AP Sweet Cream House, IW x 2; Biscuit OTKs, Rose and Playing Card, AP x 5; RC in ivory and mint, Melty Cream Donut, Academy Border, Wrapping Ribbon. Not pictured: various plain ankle socks and tights

My favourite socks would have to be the checkered AP pair, I just love the gold thread in them!

I didn't end up taking pictures of my ankle sock or stocking collection because they're all pretty boring.


 photo shoes_zpse8ff583e.png

A mix of Bodyline, Taobao and offbrand (opshop or Rivers) with one lonely brand pair (Btssb)


 photo 37b63dcb-b2d4-4355-ada7-794586de7e49_zpsc7c87296.jpg
Btssb slippers, Btssb keychain, Angelic Pretty Mook, Baroque cloth and postcard, Innocent World files


 photo Mail_zpsd793b8ad.png

More chocolate to add to my collection!



While I was at it I took a few group shots of the different themes and motifs I have going on in my wardrobe. So, here goes:


 photo Choc_zps95fcd4c1.jpg
Angelic Pretty's Royal Chocolate would have to be my favourite brand release . The second release skirts are some of my most loved pieces in my wardrobe. I have the mocha one in the mail right now so soon my collection shall be complete!

~Biscuits, Cake, and Other Foods!~

 photo biscuit_zpsa257b64e.jpg
More food motifs in my wardrobe :3

~Forest Creatures!~

 photo forest_zpscb3729bf.jpg
I have a soft spot for rabbits and deer, but throw in a few bears and we have a whole forest of animals!

I find it really interesting to see the variation in designs across brands and releases. I think IW with their Forest Animals skirt and Meta with Tales of the Wood hit the nail on the head pretty well, the little rabbits on Wonder Queen are rather cute to.


And just quickly, I'd like to show you how I organise my collection :3

My old dollhouse is used for storing my accessories. Some of my pouches go to the top whilst the rest go on the back of my door for easy access. The pink doughnut at the top of the dollhouse holds my plastic headbands (it does a rather good job of protecting them!)

The middle 'floor' of the dolls house holds my necklaces and wristcuffs. The little purple haired figure is Creamy Mami, a character from an anime of the same name. I also had a Sailor Moon figure which accompanied her but it fell from my shelf and poor Usagi was decapitated!!

The bottom shelf holds my bracelets, brooches and badges.

Truth be told the styling is pretty tacky (all that gold with red and pink) but I love it nonetheless.

 photo 2_zpsae058b27.jpg

 photo or2_zps72dcb0cd.jpg

Next to my dollhouse is my wardrobe.

I ended up lining one side with brand bags. The red boxes at the very bottom hold waist ties, larger head accessories and a few other bits and pieces.

On the wardrobe door I hang my most commonly used barrettes.
 photo IMG_1945_zps7aedf21e.jpg

In my wardrobe I keep all of my larger bags up top with my skirts, blouses, and outerwear stored just below.

To the right side of my wardrobe are my JSKs and OPS, I also store my more loliable shoes here.

 photo Wardrobe_zpsfd604eb0.jpg

Finally, a few extra shots from around my room.

 photo organisation_zpsb004fe33.jpg

And that's about it for my wardrobe post!

I'd like to think that I've come a far way in such a short space of time but I know I still have progress to make.

I have a few wardrobe goals for myself this year which I really hope to fulfill. I'm aiming to add more blouses, outerwear and shoes to my collection along with some more jewel tones.

Thank you for looking



My Pinterest (where I organise my wardrobe):

My Tumblr

I mainly reblog j-fashion related material but from time to time you'll see my own outfits and hauls on there. I'll also be posting some of these wardrobe pics.

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  • How is my ouji boystyle lolita set?

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  • Show&Tell: Oldest and Newest Piece!

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