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This year’s wardrobe posts have been so much fun to read! I especially enjoyed seeing more storage/room layout photos this year. Here is my classic and otome collection (with a hint of sweet!). I bought my first item in early 2011 and am relieved that my wardrobe is finally more focused and classic than my 2013 and 2012 wardrobe posts. The main layout change was the addition of a cute little chest of drawers which you will be introduced to in the accessories section!

full wardrobe

I have arranged my dresses based on themes, although they are not to be interpreted too literally in some cases. Their purpose is to allow similar dresses to be pictured together in an aesthetically pleasing way.

Let’s start with my favourite part:


floral1 copy

Innocent World Anniversary Rose Jsks

floral2 copy

Innocent World Versailles Rose Jsks

floral3 copy

Innocent World Rose Bustle and Theresia Rose

floral4 copy

Baby the Stars Shine Bright Operalia, Innocent World Rose Basket

floral44 copy

Bodyline, Innocent World Rococo Rose Border (I have been looking for this dress for some time now and finally found it with the help of a friend)

floral4 444copy

Every classic lolita needs a Mary Magdalene Antoinette OP <3  I borrowed my friends dress briefly in 2012 and fell in love with it! I was later able to buy one on mbok with the help of another friend!

♥ Plain/Patterned Classic ♥

plain classic 1 copy

Innocent World Heidi and (?)

plain classic 3 copy

Mary Magdalene Emilia (I think) and Petit Fours

plain classic 4

Innocent World Standing Collar Stripe

plain classic 2 copy

Innocent World Rose Damascene, Berlioz and ?

Dark Classic


Juliette et Justine Star Money, Le cadre du lapin

IMG_6238 copy

Juliette et Justine Feerie, Forêt profonde

IMG_6230 copy

Juliette et Justine Conte de Fees, Innocent World Ashley


Baby the Stars Shine Bright Flying love with Juliette, Lady Sloth Baroque Lady

IMG_6238 copy 2

Innocent World Apron Style Jsk

Crown/Military/Regimental Theme

crown1 copy

Jane Marple Royal Stamp, Innocent World Lily Emblem

crown2 copy

Innocent World Charles Crown


Jane Marple Royal Library, Innocent World Grazia Crown


Angelic Pretty Holy Night Story (my first AP dress!), Chocolate Rosette

crown5 copy

Angelic Pretty Royal Unicorn, Innocent World Felicia Crown

Illustrated prints

My second favourite after florals. These dresses look pretty hideous together and are best displayed individually but I seem to have run out of space/time :P


Angelic Pretty Wonder Party, Baby the Stars Shine Bright (long name..)


Jane Marple Alice in Wonderland

IMG_6205 copy 2

Innocent World Viennese Waltz, Jane Marple Musical Note

IMG_6179 copy

 Juliette et Justine La Fête de Saint-Valentin, Emily Temple Cute Perfume Bottle


Baby the Stars Shine Bright Labyrinth/Elaine. I just picked this one up so I included the accessories in the shot.

IMG_6200 copy

Jane Marple Louis Wain print (I hated it at first but wow… it grew on me), Puss in Boots

IMG_6189 copy

Jane Marple Red Riding Hood, Sleeping Beauty

IMG_6205 copy

Innocent World Rabbit Letter, Emily Temple Cute Poodle


Leif Matroyshka, Jane Marple (?)

food 1 copy

Angelic Pretty French Cafe

♥ Bold/Gothic Dresses ♥

bold 1

Chantilly, Alice and the Pirates Vampire Prelude

bold 3

Alice and the Pirates Black Cat, Witch etc…

Vintage Inspired


Angelic Pretty Cinema Doll, Scallop Tweed Going Out

Sweet Memories

I rarely wear sweet lolita now and have sold most of it. I will however keep these particular dresses for sentimental reasons (hence the title).


Shirley Temple, Baby the Stars Shine Bright Pas de Deux


Angelic Pretty Fancy Box, Milky Planet

And finally and Emily Temple Cute lucky pack with a gorgeous regimental stripe jsk!


There are also dresses currently on sale that I didn’t include in this post, they are Dream Sky 1st release jsk in navy, Bodyline’s cosmetics print in red and Angelic Pretty’s Fantasic Dolly OP in black.


I decided to photograph my blouses this time. The first two images are all Innocent World, Aatp/Btssb, Angelic Pretty, Yolanda or Axes Femme with the exception of two off brand tops.

ZZZ beige blouse

ZZZ bordeaux blouse

Sweet and toned down blouses follow

ZZZ misc blouseZZZ sweet blouse

+ IW Flavie Check blouse


ZZZZ classic cardi

ZZZZ otome cardi copy

The navy ETC perfume bottle cardigan is the newest addition and probably the fanciest cardigan I have ever owned! The others are Felissimo syrup, ETC, Bodyline and offbrand.

Let’s move on to the chest of drawers! It adds a soft otome/mori kei touch to the room.


Socks and accessories

The chest of drawers now houses my hodgepodge OTK collection along with all my floral accessories. I wear flowers in my hair quite often so I had to store them in a more accessible location.


Jackets, Hair accessories/Hats, and jewellery collection haven’t changed enough for me to re-photograph them but you can click through to see last year’s photos. One of my resolutions was to invest in more jewellery but to be honest, I’m still not used to wearing it! I’m unfamiliar with the weight and feel of jewellery (especially costume jewellery) so I only have a few light, versatile pieces.



Shoes pictured include: Baby the stars shine bright, Emily Temple Cute (glitter heels), Queen Bee, Naturaliser, Irregular Choice, Bodyline, Vivienne Westwood x Melissa, Irregular Choice, Poetic Licence and offbrand

+ I forgot to photograph Bodyline 247 in black, Naya Jada in Wine

Finally, some late comers in the mail:


Thanks for looking!!

cropped wardrobe

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