eglmods (eglmods) wrote in egl,

Concerns with mariko_senpai / One Day In Paradise

In light of the fact that her physical storefront and online shop have recently closed with no notice to customers, please be aware that mariko_senpai (aka "Marie" or "One Day in Paradise") is currently banned from the sales community due to her failure to return consigned items, refund pre-order payments, and ship outstanding orders.

If you have an order pending with this seller, we strongly urge you to file a PayPal dispute with no delay. To date, she has been unresponsive to both moderator and customer attempts to contact her and this is your best avenue to pursue to obtain a refund. Her physical location is in Australia, so if you are close to her and in a situation where a PayPal dispute would not help (e.g. she has items of yours for consignment or you paid for a pre-order item too long ago for the PayPal dispute window to apply), we suggest contacting local law enforcement authorities for assistance.

If you require any additional assistance, please feel free to comment on either this post (comments are screened) or the community's Anonymous Report Center. That way, you won't have to risk your comment getting lost in a mod's spam inbox or wait for a mod to come online.
Tags: !banned sellers/members, !mod post, !scam alert/possible scam

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