Lace Market (lacemarket) wrote in egl,
Lace Market

Lolita Auction and Sales Website: Lace Market


Hello!  I would like to formally invite everyone to try out Lace Market, a new Lolita Fashion Auction and Sales website.
Some of you may have used/heard of the site so far (it was released to a limited audience over the past two weeks), but after ironing out a lot of early glitches and kinks, the site is now officially out of beta and ready for public use!

The concept of Lace Market is really quite simple, it's a Ebay-like market for the sales of Lolita Clothing.  It has sizing, color, brand and location/region filters for easier searching, and also allows for the creation of both Auction-style, Buy it Now or Combination listings.   Payment is not handled through the site itself, but allows buyers and sellers to easily view Paypal addresses for quick invoicing.

Some features that will be forthcoming as the site grows include:
- Separate WTB Section (Similar to Classified Ads)
- Block buyers from specific regions from bidding or buying (international)
- Currency Conversions

Please give the site a try and happy shopping!


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