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DarkRomantica's Wardrobe Post 2014!

Hello everyone,

Welcome to my wardrobe! I've been a lolita for 5/6 years now and a complete lover of classic, gothic and oldschool lolita. Hope you enjoy looking at my wardrobe, I always love this theme. It is such fun to look at others wardrobes and such a pain to make your own post haha!

This year, I got rid of some Moitie print dresses and focussed more on classic and florals. I hope to get more classic dreamdresses upcoming year and some more Moitie non-print pieces, since I still love this brand dearly.

If you're interested, here's my post from last year: Click!

Thank you for watching in advance!

Dresses and skirts

I don't have any logic in showing my pieces, I just thought certain pieces looked nice together ^^"

Lolita wardrobe 2014 064
MMM Silent Moon OP and JetJ Star Money OP.
Love how they are both long and chiffon! Star Money is one of my favourite fairytales of the brothers Grimm, so when this dress got released, I just knew I had to get it.

Kopie van Lolita wardrobe 2014 012
JetJ Tarot Card JSK and IW Dwarf Story JSK.
Dwarf Story was a dream dress for a very long time, so happy when I found it. Snow White is my favourite Disney princess. And I love how IW portrayed the dwarves, they are all so cute!

Lolita wardrobe 2014 028
IW Grazia Crown and IW Donut dress.
Grazia Crown is such an elegant dress, I thought it would be a real OTT dress when I ordered it, but it turned out to be a great everyday dress that matches almost everything. And the Donut dress is probably the sweetest I will go, but I love to coordinate this one with vintage hats, it gives such a quirky and fun look. And who doesn't love donuts and tea?

Kopie van Lolita wardrobe 2014 014
H&M dress and IW Rose Jaquard JSK.

The H&M dress was a gift from my best friend and I treasure it dearly. She knew how much I love watercolour dresses and how I wished for my own. I also really appreciate it that she hunted down all the secondhand sites she knew, since this dress is five years old. It also fits perfectly with lolita, the skirt is even poofier than some of my lolita dresses!

Lolita wardrobe 2014 021
Moitie sparkly flocky dress and JetJ Empreinte de la Genese JSK.
I love black and I love flocky prints, so these were both a musthave for me. They're both so festive, I love wearing them around christmas time. Also, the JetJ dress has some Hebrew phrases and I can read it quite a bit, it was fun translating.

Lolita wardrobe 2014 016
AatP Gathered Chiffon JSK and 4 O'Clock Black Pearl JSK.
I ordered the Black Pearl JSK several years ago and designed it after the Gathered Chiffon JSK, that I couldn't find at the time. I was so lucky when I found it after all and had two beautiful dresses. I love how the 4 O'Clock one has a baroque print (that the camera couldn't capture >.<) and all the pearls, it's definetely my princess dress!

Lolita wardrobe 2014 015
4 O'Clock Floral Corduroy dress and Meta Windows JSK.
The Meta JSK was a dreamdress for five years and I could finally buy it last summer. It is such a lovely print, I remember a photo of a girl wearing this print with a purple jacket, it was one of the first photos I ever saw when I got into lolita.

Lolita wardrobe 2014 050
AatP Vampire Forest OP and Moitie Polkadot OP.
I love vampires and I love princessy dresses, the Vampire Forest OP was a must-have for me!<3

Lolita wardrobe 2014 018
Moitie Velvet Cross OP and Moitie Rozenkreuz skirt.
I love Moitie's older pieces and these are both gorgeous. I especially love the embroidery on the Rozenkreuz skirt, such a shame you don't see that so often anymore. I wish Moitie found their inspiration back and go back to creating pieces like these, full of details.

Lolita wardrobe 2014 017
Moitie Beaded Cross JSK (from 2001 <3) and Moitie St. Peters Lace Cross OP.
Two aristocrat dresses. I love to wear aristocrat every now and then and these two dresses are perfect for that.

Lolita wardrobe 2014 044
IW Clara OP and 4 O'Clock Spider JSK.
The IW OP was in the Oddment lucky packs this year, couldn't believe my luck when I found it for a steal on the comm_sales. Love all the lace! The Spider JSK was my first dress, it holds so many memories, I can probably never let it go.

Lolita wardrobe 2014 049
Moitie Rose Tulle OP and Moitie Silky Rose OP.
I love Moitie florals and I definetely hope to collect more florals this year. The left one was a dream dress for three years and arrived yesterday <3

Lolita wardrobe 2014 022
JetJ Amour D'Amants and JetJ Library OP.
As an art history student, painting prints are the best trend in lolita to me. I love Fraginard and his way of painting, which is so romantic, that I couldn't resist Amour D'Amants.

Lolita wardrobe 2014 020
JetJ Feerie and JetJ Baiser D'Ange.
More painting prints <3 I wrote an essay on A Midsummer's Night Dream and Fuseli's works, so Feerie was everything I could hope for.

Lolita wardrobe 2014 019
JetJ Belle Pierreries JSK and VM Noble Queen JSK.
I love both, the bodices are so flattering. I bought the VM JSK for the gobelin, but the bodice is what makes it the best dress ever.

Lolita wardrobe 2014 003
Baby Stained Glass OP (minus the underskirt that I forgot to photograph!) and AatP Stained Glass JSK.
My little Stained Glass collection. I love the print dearly and I'm very happy to have both the pieces that I really wanted from the series.

Kopie van Lolita wardrobe 2014 013
MM Bertille OP (first edition) and 4 O'Clock red bustle skirt.
This MM dress made me fall in love with the brand. It has the perfect fit and the construction is almost perfect <3
Kopie van Lolita wardrobe 2014 010
MM Valeria JSK and MM Rose Basket OP.
So after the Bertille OP, more MM dresses followed. The Valeria JSK was a dream come true, I love the wine colourway <3

Kopie van Lolita wardrobe 2014 011
IW Antique Pansy OP and VM Allisson Ribbon OP.
I love pansies, they are my favourite flowers, so when this beauty popped up, I just needed to have it. The print is much more detailed in person and much more vibrant though.

Lolita wardrobe 2014 024
IW Tenor OP and AatP Operetta Bouquet JSK.
Some greens! I love the Tenor OP, when I was just started out, I saw a girl wearing this dress on the Dutch forum. She was so pretty, I fell head over heels in love with the dress. Years later, I finally obtained it in my preferred colourway <3

Kopie van Lolita wardrobe 2014 009
Oldschool Meta!<3 All are Meta's Antique Bouquet.
I collect this print and I'm very happy to have obtained this pieces this year. Now it's time to get the brown and red colourways (and the light green ;_;) and all the matching pieces for my pink OP!<3

Lolita wardrobe 2014 005
AatP Black Cat, Witch, Apple Tree JSK and AatP Castle of Nightmare skirt.
Red AatP prints are the best and I love how both have so many details. The skirt was a present from my bf!<3

Lolita wardrobe 2014 051
IW Antique Book JSK and Lily of the Valley China Cabinet custom skirt <3
Antique Book was a pain to get in the burgundy colourway, so happy to have found it. The China Cabinet skirt is just superb, love all the details and the longer length that the designer was willing to do for me!

Lolita wardrobe 2014 032
Doris Tartan JSK and Lady Ludivine Tartan JSK.
Some punk dresses. I dress them up gothic quite a bit and they are both perfect for going to concerts.

Lolita wardrobe 2014 027
IW Rasiel OP and IW Clanbert OP.
Some perfect casual dresses. The Rasiel OP I use as an underdress quite a bit <3 These are perfect for my lazy or busy days.

Lolita wardrobe 2014 052
JetJ Reve du Paradis JSK and JetJ Cadre du Chat JSK.
I missed Reve du Paradis the first time I could buy it and regretted it since. The second time I saw it, I just knew I had to have it and luckily, I was first in line <3 It has a deep V-neck and reminds me of Renaissance ladies. Can't wait to make a matching Tudor tiara for this one!

Lolita wardrobe 2014 023
VM Rose Greeting Capelet JSK and MM Claudette OP.
I had so much luck with the Claudette OP! I found it for a steal on a Japanese site and asked my SS to get it. However, she warned me that they were a bit shady, but that she would try it for me. I paid for it and after a while, it arrived at my SS her place and in perfect condition <3 It was a bit wrinkled when it arrived, but other than that, no flaws. It is definetely a favorite in my wardrobe right now!

Lolita wardrobe 2014 048
Sailor dresses. Baby Maria Antonio OP and Morrigan NYC Moby Dick OP.
Love both and hope to collect more sailor dresses this year. It's a shame that  the French on the Maria Antonio dress doesn't make any sense at all though xD

Lolita wardrobe 2014 030
JetJ Bisque Doll and MMM Tulle Rose. LJ won't let me change the image, help? O.O
The MMM Tulle Rose OP is definetely a favourite of mine, only forgot to tie the blue ribbon around it for this picture.
Lolita wardrobe 2014 047
Some pinks! IW Rococo Long Sundress and IW Cardinal Rose JSK.
The left had a dreamdress status due to a picture of Tumblr from Moss Marchen. So happy to finally have it, I love older IW <3

Lolita wardrobe 2014 031
IW Rose Angel Basket JSK and AatP Alice Print JSK.
Love how detailed both prints are!<3

Lolita wardrobe 2014 025
JetJ Rose de La Monde OP and VM Fairy Tale Doll OP.
I love OPs with long sleeves, they are so easy to put on. The Rose de La Monde OP is perfect for fancy occassions, it is simple, yet sophisticated.

Lolita wardrobe 2014 029
Baby Karami JSK and VM Chiffon Doll OP.
Perfect summer dresses <3

Kopie van Lolita wardrobe 2014 007
Moitie Tulle skirt and Moitie basic black skirt,
The skirt looks brown on the picture, but is in fact black. It is so simple, but has a very elegant feel to it <3

Kopie van Lolita wardrobe 2014 008
AatP Vampire Requiem skirt and Atelier Pierrot corset skirt.
Been contemplating selling them both, but haven't yet. For some reason, I can't really let go of them. They are just so deliciously gothic!

Lolita wardrobe 2014 006
JetJ lace skirt and MMM Iron Gate.
Both are so perfect, the lace print reminds me of snowflakes <3 And Iron Gate is just the crown jewel in my closet.

Lolita wardrobe 2014 004
JetJ Petit Fours skirt and JetJ Noble du Chat skirt.
The Petit Fours skirt is kinda short on me, but I don't care, the colours are just amazing <3

Lolita wardrobe 2014 002
JetJ Rosery Solonnel skirt and Mossbadger La Primavera skirt.
Even more painting prints!<3 La Primavera is one of my favorite paintings, so I was really happy when I found it. It is the long version though, it almost reaches my ankles. But the print is so crisp and clear, it is everything I could wish for <3

Lolita wardrobe 2014 001
IW Rabbit Letter skirt and IW Lotta skirt.
Because I can't resist cute animals <3

Lolita wardrobe 2014 026
Baby Fragrant Rose Memories skirt and VM Rose skirt.
I used to own the Fragrant Rose Memories JSK, but I traded it for the skirt. One of my best decisions, I wear this one so much more <3

Cardigans and blouses

Kopie van Lolita wardrobe 2014 038
All my cutsews. Mostly offbrand and Moitie. I only noticed when I took this picture that I really like black and white.
Lolita wardrobe 2014 037
Light coloured blouses. All vintage and offbrand, except the IW blouse on the left.

Lolita wardrobe 2014 046
The rest of my blouses. All offbrand or vintage, except the black IW blouse at the right.

Lolita wardrobe 2014 033
Woolen boleros. Top left is Mary Magdalene, the rest is knitted by my wonderful granny <3

Lolita wardrobe 2014 034
Short- sleeved bolero's. The bottom left is Moitie and bottom right is Baby, rest is offbrand.

Lolita wardrobe 2014 035
Fake furs to wear with more mori inspired coords. Left is offbrand, right vintage.

Lolita wardrobe 2014 036
Outerwear! Left is vintage, right is MM. I want this jacket in all possible colourways <3

Lolita wardrobe 2014 042
Others. A gobelin corset from Emikyu and two bow jabots made by a great friend.

Hats and headwear

Kopie van Lolita wardrobe 2014 039
Most awesome ones. Bonnet is Triple Fortune, black hat and straw hat are handmade by friends and the pink hat is from AP.
Lolita wardrobe 2014 053
More hats! Most are vintage, handmade by me and handmade by friends. The black fur one is from IW.

Lolita wardrobe 2014 054
Even more hats! Vintage, handmade by me and the second one from the bottom left is AatP.

Lolita wardrobe 2014 055
Offbrand berets and a Baby bonnet.

Lolita wardrobe 2014 057
Headwear!<3 Handmade, vintage and two Baby bows!

Lolita wardrobe 2014 058
More headwear!<3 AatP, IW, Moitie, offbrand!<3 Love rectangle headdresses~!

Lolita wardrobe 2014 056
I couldn't bring myself to photograph ALL my flowers, so hear is a peek!

Socks and tights
Lolita wardrobe 2014 040
Light coloured ones. From left to right: Moitie, AatP, IW, IW, Meta, AP, Moitie.

Lolita wardrobe 2014 041
Darker ones. From left to right: Chantilly, Baby, IW, ETC, Moitie, Moitie.

Lolita wardrobe 2014 059
I only photographed a small portion of my tights, I have so many! These are the most interesting ones.
From left to right: Offbrand 2x, JetJ, Ebay, Grimoire 2x, offbrand 3x, Grimoire, Lockshop 3x.

Bags, shawls and shoes

Lolita wardrobe 2014 061
Bags that I use with lolita. Most are offbrand, except for the Moitie bag and the Royal Crown bag from IW!<3

Lolita wardrobe 2014 062
All my fake furs!<3 The top right is actually emerald green <3

Lolita wardrobe 2014 063
Some of my shoes. I left out my boots, because there was no proper way to photograp them.
All my shoes are offbrand ^^

So, phew! Hope you liked seeing my wardrobe!<3

Warmest wishes,

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  • Unreleased Items You Wish Were Released?

    I was looking through some of my old (ouch) AP catalogs and in one of them from 2014 there was this marshmallow bag pictured with the re-release of…

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