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Enchanted Fawn JSK in Gray from Haenulie

boxrabbitReview! (sorry if its oddly mashed up I had to do it on my phone)
I am never sure how to start a review out but here I go!
I bought the Enchanted Fawn JSK in Gray from Haenulie when she had them up! I used the payment plan to get my jsk! I am not sure what day I bought it on.... because I am bad with things like that. I went ahead and got the JSK in the Large size. (I have the smashed boob problem a lot) with most lolita things...
I made my order with Email it was easy! 
Anywhos I waited and BAM I got my JSK yesterday! Before anyone asks how I got it so quickly, I am currently in Korea so shipping doesn’t take anytime at all…no customs! Yeahy it got to me super-fast!

The dress came in a nice box! That was well packed inside two bags to keep it safe! The box had a ding in it but was fine other than that.
When I opened the bag I was happy to find that it came with a bag of goodies inside! It came with some postcards, coffee, an cloth! (this makes me happy)

So I did a review a while back of her other dress the sleeping beauty and I loved it too but anyways I wanted to see how this dress would be compared to the other one.
When I opened it I noticed the fabric was not all shinny and that the dress was well lined.
The lace is a deep brown that’s almost black....wait black I am blind!
I didn’t see any strings or snags at all...I found one after looking really hard.
One of the best parts is the back laceing it makes the dress look so clean!
The fabric has a nice feel to it and it seems heavy to me
When I flipped the lining I noticed that it was pretty prefect it could almost be worn inside out but also that the lining is a little shorter so it doesn't poke out.

The shoulder straps can be made longer and shorter on it too!(good for short people or tall)
I noticed that the top of the dress is a little longer I found this handy when I put it on because it keeps the wasted from going up on me. (Does anyone else have that problem with dresses? The top goes up some how and the waist line is off?)
Anywho, it is a little longer than I thought it was going to be but when I have one lolita shoes it sits very well on me!superquickphoto

The talking 5/5
The jsk it’s self5/5...
Next time I'll get a M sized dress but this more for me than anything to help me get skinny!


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