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violetnoir's wardrobe 2014, mostly classic with gothic, otome and sweet in there too.

Welcome to my wardobe post for 2014
My wardrobe is always changing, some things come and go and some stay, my style has evolved a lot over the years.
I tend to recycle my wardrobe a lot so it never seems to get any bigger.
This year I decided to take photos of my main pieces on my dress form (most of them but there are a few that are laid flat) some in coordinates and some not. I've only included a couple of accessory photos and jewelry and I forgot to include any of my parasols and most of my socks.

Here are my previous wardrobe posts:



I apologize for the photo quality, it seems to go from okay ish to grainy.

Enjoy :)


My new favourite dress! Moi meme Moitie Royal Gate OP, MMM necklace, IW bag, handmade headdress and AatP cross strap shoes

Moi meme Moitie OP, Queen bee shoes & Btssb headdress

Baby the Stars Shine Bright rose candle OP & AatP canotier

Innocent World JSK with vest (I never wear the vest and haven't shown it here) and IW spade bag

Victorian Maiden crown emblem JSK and black hair corsage

Lief sacred night, Metamorphose socks

Black prints

CEL (Taobao) OP

Luna Rossa (taobao) End of vanitas long JSK

Alice and the Pirates JSK, secret shop boots, IW bag and AP barette

Alice and the pirates castle of nightmare JSK, blouse, shoes, necklace also AatP,
Bag: Innocent World
bonnet: english charm

Juliette et Justine

Lief My Tart, AP cutsew, JM jam spoon necklace and IW headbow

Juliette et Justine (not exactly black but close)



Innocent World Rothenburg skirt

Juliette et Justine skirt and IW book bag

Vintage skirt

Deer prints

Emily Temple Cute

Innocent World Lotta

Emily Temple Cute Bambi JSK with taobao fawn cape and AatP bolero


Alice and the Pirates Hymn long JSK , AatP bolero and handmade headdress
It took me years to get this JSK

All Emily Temple Cute

Vintage remade dress, Axes Femme bag

Alice and the pirates merry making in the ghost town

Jane Marple royal library and royal order & JM socks and bag


Jane Marple Royal stamp OP & necklace and IW crown bag

Juliette et Justine

By Indie brand Little Drawer

Innocent World JSK & boots, Btssb blouse, handmade headdress and offbrand bag

Innocent World charles crown

Innocent World little dot OP

Lighter colours

Angelic pretty Holy Night Story, Alice and the pirates blouse

Cath Kidston dress, AP cardigan and collar, DreamV shoes and Swimmer bag

Handmade (still needs work)

Angelic pretty sweet cream house, Emily Temple Cute donut OP, ETC cardigans, Merry go round Tights and Swimmer bag

Jane Marple Crown Stripe skirt, Emily Temple Cute cutsew & cardigan

Juliette et Justine

Juliette et Justine

Juliette et Justine JSK, Btssb blouse, Triple Fortune bonnet, Jane Marple bag and Victorian Maiden boots

Juliette et Justine
A dream dress of mine that I found recently :)

Innocent World antique pansy

Innocent World classical kitty, Axes Femme bag


St Tears (taobao)

Emily Temple Cute knit jewelry OP

Emily Temple Cute knit jewelry JSK

Angelic Pretty Holy Lantern, Putumayo necklace

not quite lolita: Emily Temple Cute OP and Milk cat & mouse necklace

White OP Taobao

Dresscoats, coats and capes

Victorian Maiden (looks a little sad after being squashed in my wardrobe)

Metamorphose swan border

Garland long velvet OP/dresscoat
this is great for all the longer stuff I seem to have now.

Taobao fawn fur cape

handmade velvet capelet


offbrand velvet coat



I love printed tights! I cant get enough of them and have a wishlist for more.


light accesories

dark accessories


Just a few of my brand and Indie brand pieces

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