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Bodyline BBQ party?!

Bodyline's having another party...
And you're invited!!!

Hey, this is my first ever post to EGL, so I apologise if I did anything wrong.

I was on the BL website and I noticed this:

1,BODYLINE free BBQ lunch party
in the center of surfers paradise! (Gold coast,Australia) On 18th Jan.
Bodyline keymen will come together!
If you want to join, email us
1,your name
2, your paypal id and newest order invoice id(566-XXXX).‏
we will reply to you the place and time.

What will we do in the party?
1,we will talk about lolita fashion,cosplay and bodyline in australia.
2we want to know what kind of customers wear our dresses.(we will ask your job,age, etc) and we will ask customers what we need to improve on<service,size,price etc>
3,we will answer questions what australian local customers want to know from us.
4,we will takes some photos and maybe will show them on our top page.
5we will provide free food and soft drink for BBQ.
6,if you are invited,just wear our dresses and come.
7,For the party space limit,we have to cut some customers.
8,For privacy,you can't take photo or video of us.
can't talk about us anywhere<internet etc>.
If you can't keep the manner,Don't come please.
We dislike non-education jealoussy gossip people.

Haha, in the usual Mr Yan engrish. I wonder if he’s looking for some surfer girl friends :O I’m not even sure why they’d need your Ppal address… And LOL at the ‘We dislike non-education jealoussy gossip people.’

So… what do you think? Is anyone planning to go? I'd love to, just for the LOLs and also because I'd like to attend a lolita event. But sadly, I'm in Melbourne :/ I was actually rather surprised because well, nothing ever seems to come to Australia.
So yea, I’d just like to know what people think about it. What was the last event like?

P.S. The BL design competition is up again! Anyone entering?? (and get their designs stolen)

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