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My wardrobe post for 2014. Have fun!

Hello Ladies and Gentlemen!
Today I tried to do my Wardrobe Post for this year.

I have to admit I am not really good at taking pictures
and editing them, so they look cute ._.

My wardrobe did not change over the year.
I can only add some items and the Style is of course
still Sweet Lolita and this will never change!

So I hope you enjoy my little frilly Wardrobe!

This is how it looks like open. I admit I have two more closets
for my Coats, Acc and Bags.

My Jumperskirts and Onepieces are all from BTSSB, AATP and Angelic Pretty

Hawase Doll Op, She is sleeping and Vampire Requiem

Ichigo Millefeuille and Toy Fantasy

Memorial Cake, Sugar Pansy and Heart Rose Lacy

Sugary Carnival, Decoration Dream and Ichigo Millefeuille

Star Night Theater, Little Bird Symphonia, Ichigo Millefeuille

Wonder Cookie, Fancy Paper Dolls and Musee du Chocolate

My blouses and tops are as well from BTSSB and Angelic Pretty

I do not own many skirts, because mostly I feel to casual in them
They are from BTSSB, Angelic Pretty and Offbrand

Ichigo Millefeuille, Gingham Check and Eternal Rose Bouquet

Puppet Circus and Momoko Heart Apron

I just have a few Cardigans from BTSSB, Angelic Pretty and Offbrand

Offbrand off-white one, Bunny Ears, Going on a walk Cutsew and Cutlery Embroidery Knit

I also own just a few Jackets and only one Coat
They are from BTSSB, AATP and Offbrand

Real Bunny Fur Boleros and Offbrand Blazer

Leopard furry Coat

I love collecting socks! I have too many and some double...
I own Angelic Pretty, AATP, BTSSB, Metamorphose and Offbrand

I love Headbows a lot. And I need more of them, laugh
Here you can see Angelic Pretty, Bodyline, BTSSB, AATP, Offbrand and my handmade stuff

Cake hat is made by me, PomPom Headbow made my Minh and Star night Theater
is made by Maria.

BTSSB Headdresses, Offbrand PomPom Hairclips and Bodyline Bow

Offbrand stuff

I have many different Bags, but mostly I use my Bodyline Dot one. It's a shame
Only one from BTSSB, rest is Offbrand and Bodyline

Bodyline Polkadot, Bodyline Strawberry, TaoBao Bunny, Alchemist? Coffin,
BTSSB I scream for magic ice cream, Offbrand fake fur, Belle pouch

When I go to a convention I mostly take one of my furry Bags here!
I adore every single one and I still collect them like mad
They are Angelic Pretty, BTSSB and Offbrand

Bunny rucksack, Sheep Garden, Pony Bag, Large Paris Usakumya,
Offbrand Bunny Bag and Medium white Usakumya

When it comes to shoes I always tend to buy Tea Parties
They go well with all of my outfits and they are comfortable
I own a couple of Secret Shop and Antaina
My other shoes are from BTSSB and Offbrand

Offbrand brown boots, Offbrand black boots, pink BTSSB boots, pink BTSSB boots
and DreamV rose mules

And this is actually the rest of my stuff
My Parasols, muff and other crap
Brands are Lisbeth Dahl, BTSSB, Offbrand and handmade

Lisbeth Dahl Parasols, BTSSB Scarf and gloves, Offbrand rabbit fur collar
and handmade muff from Kia

And my silver fox from my mother in law.
I love it!

Okay we are done here.
Thank you very much for looking and I hope
you found some things you might like.

Tags: community: wardrobe post, theme: january

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