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2014 wardrobe post - Foodstuffs and Florals

Hello!  I started wearing Lolita 3 years ago and this past year I got a lot of my dream pieces!  I try to keep a versatile wardrobe with pink, black, and white as the base colors.  I recently added red as an accent color (it's all Honey Cake's fault) and have never looked back!  In addition to the main colors, I like food and floral prints.  It's a small wardrobe but I am very happy with what I have.

Well then, Korilakkuma and Balloonicorn are waiting...


Angelic Pretty Honey Cake Tokyo special set JSK + shoulder bag
Every sweet lolita's must-have!  I am still looking for the headbow, but I commissioned a stack of pancakes from BellaBows to hold me over for now.  I wish I had some epic story about the countless alpacas I had to sacrifice to get the pancake bag, but I don't.

Angelic Pretty Melty Cream Donut JSK + barrette + scrunchy + socks
After seeing the print in person I had to get the whole set!  I am always a sucker for Angelic Pretty's chiffon dresses.

Angelic Pretty Strawberry Parlour Tiered JSK + headbow
I wanted to add some red to my wardrobe, so this was perfect!

Angelic Pretty Original Print JSK + headbow + tote bag
This was one of the prints I saw that got me into the fashion, and I finally found it after 3 years!

Angelic Pretty Polka Dot Chocolate JSK + wristcuffs + Candy Fun Fair candy bag
Another print that I adore because the polka dots look like smarties (non-Americans will understand).  I got the candy bag to match because the JSK has candy lace all around!

Baby the Stars Shine Bright Princess Honey's Tea Salon JSK + headbow
This was my first brand dress.  I have done many coordinates with this because it has white and pink that can be played up for sweet or toned down for classic.  The perfect sweet-classic print!

Metamorphose Fruit Punch Soda sundress + a bunch of bows
I really like the contrast of the black and gray stripes against the bright and colorful print.  It also came with half a dozen bows that I don't know what to do with.


Bodyline Floral JSK in black + skirt in ivory/wine
Gorgeous in both colorways!

Bodyline Polka Dot Macaron JSK + Heart Biscuit JSK
My first JSKs.  When I first started I thought I was going to have an all pink and black wardrobe.  How naive I was!

Angelic Pretty Honey Cake skirts
I bought these before I got the JSK.  The ivory skirt is such a versatile piece!

Bodyline Rose Bouquet skirt + Chocoberry skirt
My brown stash!  I was obsessed with brown for a little while and got these to try out the color.  The Rose Bouquet skirt reminds me Angelic Pretty's Tiara Rose, but I like this skirt's pink accents with brown.

Bodyline Princess skirts in black and pink
I normally don't do nonprints but I like how full and detailed these two skirts are.  (Are these replicas of a brand skirt?  Does anyone know?)

Bodyline candy stripe skirt + Candy Violet skirt
My first Lolita skirts!  I keep the candy skirt around for nostalgia sake.

Bodyline OP + Metamorphose skirt
My only two all black pieces.  The OP is too short to be worn alone, so maybe it can work as a blouse?


Baby the Stars Shine Bright + Metamorphose
Sailor cutsews!  The sailor collar/panel on the Baby one is detachable.

Metamorphose (top left) + Bodyline x3

Anna House x5 (including the bustier) + Bodyline (middle)
Long and short sleeved blouses in all base colors!


The extra bows go into a Tralala bag; I have a box for waistties (red/white polkadot) and another for accessories (cake box).  Most of my jewelry (including non-Lolita ones) ends up on two plates.

Angelic Pretty + Chocomint (candy necklace and bracelet) + Paris Kids (gold candy) + Paradise Rose Shop (parfait necklace and cupcake) + Strawberry Serenade (black/purple necklace and bracelet)

Chocomint x3 + Angelic Pretty x6
I am not a big fan of necklaces, but I do like rings, especially the ones from Angelic Pretty!

Angelic Pretty x2 + Alice and the Pirates

Bodyline + DreamV
I don't have a lot of outerwear, but the DreamV coat should be enough to get me through this winter!

All of the socks are stored in two clear boxes.  Some Angelic Pretty short socks, lots of Baby knee socks, and various offbrand from Sock Dreams.  My favorite pair has to be the Some day in Ranunculus OTKs!

Bodyline x3 + Antaina + Secret Shop
These are for all of my sweet coordinates.  I usually wear oxfords or plain mary janes for casual or classic.

Thank you for visiting!
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