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2014 Wardrobe Post.

This is my first wardrobe post ever in here. I have been interested in Lolita fashion about 5-6 years and bought my first dress about 3 years ago.  I wear mostly Lolita fashion in local meets, on special occasions or sometimes at work. I'm huge fan of Alice and the Pirates so most of my stuff is from them.

So here is the main items what I have in my wardrobe. I also have lots of off brand accessories to match with my dresses but it will take too much time to find them all together.

One piece dresses, JSK's and only skirt what I have.

Baby, The Stars Shine Bright Sweet Jewelry Princess OP in Sapphire

Alice and the Pirates Queen Elise JSK in Black/Red

Alice and the Pirates Merry Making in the Ghost Town JSK I in Red

Alice and the Pirates Gathered Chiffon JSK in Ivory

Alice and the Pirates Cards Queen JSK (2011) in Black

Alice and the Pirates Sailor OP with Ribbon Tie in Navy

Alice and the Pirates Bird Cage Skirt in Navy

Angelic Pretty Day Dream Carnival JSK in Black

Angelic Pretty Holy Lantern JSK in Red

Angelic Pretty Royal Unicorn Switching Gobelins JSK in Brown

Moi-même-Moitié Silent Moon JSK in Black/White

Moi-même-Moitié Rose Cross Print JSK in Black/Blue

Vest, Bolero and some casual jackets/parkas.

Alice and the Pirates Price Vest in Black and Moi-même-Moitié Cross Button Bolero in Black/Silver

Alice and the Pirates A/P Pierrot Parka in Black/Navy and 2 off brand longer jackets what I like to wear with my Lolita outfits


From left to right all Alice and the Pirates blouses. AatP Wizard Gauze Blouse in Black, Aatp Fairy Star Blouse in Black, Aatp Emilier Chiffon Blouse (2012) in Black, Aatp Chiffon Blouse (2010) in White and Aatp Chiffon Mellow Blouse in Navy

From left to right. Angelic Pretty Pleated Collar Double Button Blouse in Brown, Moi-même-Moitié Gather Lace Blouse in Black and one off brand chiffon blouse.

Hats, head wear, leg wear and other trinkets.

From left to right -  Pirate hat by Corgi Corgi, Handmade Pirate hat and Alice and the Pirates Natasha Dress Hat in Black/Silver

From left to right - Alice and the Pirates  Merry Making in the Ghost Town head bow in red, Baby, The Stars Shine Bright Sweet Jewelry Princess Ribbon head bow in Sapphire, Alice and the Pirates Moonlit Night Round Head Bow in offwhite, Angelic Pretty Royal Unicorn Gobelins Headbow in brown, eyepatch from Infanta and handmade rose head bow

My only bonnet - Alice and the Pirates Queen Elise bonnet in black/red

From left to right - Antique Beast Black Cat Head Dress, Angelic Pretty Angelic Jewelry Box in white, Angelic Pretty Creamy Donut Cutlery Wrist Cuffs in ivory and Melty Cream Donut Necklace in ivory, Alchemy Gothic God's Acre Necklace and Alchemy Gothic Cross Necklace.

OTKs and tights.

From left to right - Angelic Pretty Holy Lantern OTKs in red, Angelic Pretty Loyalty OTKs in brown, AatP Merry Making in the Ghost Town OTK Socks in Red, Aatp Alice’s Tear Bottle OTK Socks in black, AatP Diamonds OTK Socks in red and navy.
Black/white offbrand OTKs, Lockshop Royal Ribbon Tights and BJD Tights.

From left to right - Angelic Pretty 2013 Winter Collection catalog, GLB 50 Innocent World diary, Alice and the Pirates Melty Strawberry Chocolate Mug in Black, Usakumya Rucksack Mini-Mini (2009), GLB 50 and Baby, The Stars Shine Bright Rich Frilled Umbrella in offwhite.


Replica Air Mail 3 WAY Bag in black, Alice and the Pirates Coffin Style Trunk Pochette in black/gold and Angelic Pretty Dream Star Tote Bag (2013) in black.

Angelic Pretty Sweet Biscuit Shoulder Bag (2013) in brown and Baby, The Stars Shine Bright Enamel Mini Heart Pochette in white.

Some of my shoes.

Black platforms from Antainai, Bodyline shoes170 in black and white, Alice and the Pirates Antique Wooden Sole Shoes in red.
White and golden shoes from Irregular Choice.

So this is almost everything what I have in my Lolita wardrobe, there is only AatP Lace Print JSK I in black and Metamorphose Temps de Fille Feather Cross Plate Lesson Bag in white missing. I have some winter boots and coats too but sadly they don't match with my Lolita outfits very well.

On the way to me -

All in black colorway

Feel free to ask questions and thanks for looking.
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