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Wardrobe Post: Absolutely No Cohesion Edition


  Quick explanation: This is a pretty old LJ account, I tend to use Vivi for basically everything now.

  So, sometimes I'm a real Debbie Downer and last year I decided I was too ugly for lolita and to sell everything I own, bar three pieces. Then, like most people who try to leave, I realised you can never leave (and I actually really missed my stuff). Since then (about November 2012?), this is the progress I've made; I'll point out the three I kept! My old wardrobe (pre-sale) was mainly Bodyline, but I decided this time I'd try to be smart and use the money to get some items I really loved, especially considering the price hikes on BL.

  I've never done a wardrobe post before, so I took pictures of near enough anything and everything...! Partly because I have no idea what to include and partly because I felt that, in past years, a lot of the wardrobe posts have been really huge and full of tons of brand dresses and accessories (iirc). My first wardrobe season was before I owned a single dress (maybe 2008?!), so I know how intimidating it can feel if you're thinking "Wow, this is what I should have!" and for that reason I wanted to include a bunch of offbrand bits you can find! It's been done before, but it never really gets any less helpful (that is what I like to think).

Disclaimer: I don't know what the stance on replicas is for wardrobe posts, but I like to think that on the off chance any of my photos contained replicas, you'd know which they are. Please know I'd never knowingly present a replica as a real item but I wouldn't point it out either due to rules and stuff. All items will be listed as the brand that designed them. I'll update this if I hear anything on it from a mod.

All item descriptions will go top -> bottom, left -> right.



Chess Story / Boux Avenue. The Chess Story one is so poofy, as you can see, it stands on its own. I didn't even get it out of the wardrobe, it just jumped out and started accusing me of being a bad photographer for not giving it any artistic direction for it to base its poses on. The Boux Avenue one is very short and not very poofy - specifically for shorter skirts/those less lolita AP ones!

Blouses, etc


Primark / Primark / FINT* / Pumpkin Cat / Bodyline.Before I got all these out I seriously thought I only had one blouse. Whaa


Living Dead Souls / Angelic Pretty* [Glass Doll] / Ehyphen x AMO*.



All Angelic Pretty; [Holy Lantern] / [Fantastic Dolly] / [Cinema Doll]. Cinema Doll was my latest purchase, actually! Fantastic Dolly was one of my three kept items.


The Snow Field [Wolf Frame] / Handmade [Really Badly, using fabric I got about three years ago from an LJ user] / Juliette et Justine [Tarot Cards]. Thanks plasticpony for spotting that last one for me! It was a dream item and she saw it maybe three days after I told her as much. Much as I love the Wolf Frame skirt, it needs shortening pretty desperately. It doesn't do my tragically short legs much good.


Angelic Pretty* [Misty Sky] / [Dream Sky].



This is like Set 1, Dream Items. All Angelic Pretty: [Sheep Garden] / [Chess Chocolate] / [Misty Sky]. Sheep Garden was my first ever new brand purchase and one of my keep items! Misty Sky was a grade A nightmare to get hold of after my shopping services' valiant efforts to grab it failed.


Bodyline [Alice print with part of the border removed to shorten and because I didn't like it] / Angelic Pretty* [Dream Sky]The Bodyline JSK is my third keep item - it might not seem like much, but I had wanted to it for ages and my mum snagged it on ebay for me!

Bags & Shoes


Hello Kitty / Muchacha / Vivienne Westwood* / Angelic Pretty* / New Look. I know, I know, Hello Kitty... but look at the size of that versatile thing.


Swimmer / Candy Stripper / Taobao / Hush Puppy / Bodyline / Bodyline / Taobao / DreamV / Boux Avenue. Those rocking horse shoes are pretty battered by now, I've worn them to death.

Accessories & Other (I won't list every item, we'll be here all night. Accessories are my downfall. If anything stands out, you can always ask where I got it!)


Some of the stuff here: Angelic Pretty / BtSSB / Grimoire / Handmade (those brown chess chocolate ones).Those are the tarot card Grimoire Verum tights - I also have the blanc/noir cat ones and the cross thigh highs, but they're in the washing queue :,c


Some of this: Chess Story, Angelic Pretty, Bodyline.The pink check one was in my SVIP pack at Frock On - so thanks blondebates and sakurasheff!


Some of this: BtSSB, Muchacha, Bodyline, Peacockalorum, handmade. The wristcuffs (there are two, the other is tucked inside!) were a present from Peacockalorum's Fuschia after she held a Christmas ghost story telling mini event over tea. That was a good day.


Most notable: Angelic Pretty Enchanted Castle bangle, a whole bunch of taobao stuff, a Patisserie Pink necklace (not currently on chain) and a Roxie Sweetheart bunny necklace that I have worn to bits.


Most notable: AMO angel headband and devil horns, handmade birdcage veil (the bit with the key on), some chocomint clips and a Peacockalorum headbow, which is without a doubt the best bow I have ever owned, and I'm not only saying that because I know her. it seriously is.

  That's about it! Well... it's not all my accessories. I tried to select ones that would give you an idea of the whole... I have about four shoeboxes full. There's also a few small things like pairs of tights, etc, missing. I noticed not everyone is posting smaller items like all these little bits; but to be honest, they make up a disproportionate amount of my wardrobe! Imagine how much smaller this post would be without all that... Jinkies. Anyway, this has made me realise I might need to scale down the accessory collection and I hope it's been some use to you, whether for ideas or just entertainment! I can't see that I'll add much to it this coming year - although, I do sort of need the Drink Me OP...

  My tumblr is where I post outfits with all this stuff. it's, as you may have guessed! Sorry...! Some of the watermarks turned out bigger than I'd planned! :,D

  Did I do okay for a year?!

  ~ Vivi

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