redvelvetcurls (redvelvetcurls) wrote in egl,

Hime haircut reference pics?

Hello ladies! <3

I'm due a haircut soon and I want a hime style, which isn't too different from what I have now. But, because there's a language barrier between my hairdresser and myself (I moved to Germany and am now learning German), I want to take a picture to show her instead.

But, I've been looking on google and most pictures I find are either from anime or from angles that don't show the whole style. I really need a picture that shows the shape clearly, preferably from the front. Can anyone help me find a picture? I've spent the past week browsing sites but I just can't find a decent one. Perhaps a lot is censored for me because of German internet laws (a lot of copyright restrictions).

Thank you in advance, and Happy New Year! =^.^=

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