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Petticoats for Philanthropy- A charity event benefiting Make-A-Wish

In celebration of the holiday season and my blog reaching 11,000 followers, I present Petticoats for Philanthropy, a charity event benefiting the Make-A-Wish foundation!


I work at a children’s clothing store and one night I was helping out at one of out sister stores when a mother and her daughter walked in. The other girls working instantly recognized them and started talking to them which told me that they were regulars. I was going about my business when I noticed that the little girl was pulling a small Disney Princess suitcase behind her. I thought nothing of it until I saw that there was a tube going between her and the rolling bag. A little while later I overheard a conversation between the girl’s mother and one of my coworkers about how she was talking to the people from Make-A-Wish. She asked the girl what her wish was and she said “I want to see the floating lights with Rapunzel!” Never before had something brought me to tears so quickly and that was when I decided that my charity of choice would be the Make-A-Wish Foundation. On average, Make-A-Wish grants the wish of a child diagnosed with a life-threatening illness every 38 minutes in the United States and I want to help as much as possible to make sure even more children can have their wishes come true.

Tea TimeLovely LettersCosmetics Cutie

How can I help?
Visit and donate any amount of money $5 (USD) and over. For every $5 donated you will be entered into a drawing for one of the prizes above. Just follow these steps!

  1. Make a donation to Make-A-Wish. You can donate as much as you want but donations must start at $5 USD (as set by the charity’s donation feature.) You can donate on a local, national, or international level. That doesn’t matter to me as long as you’re making a donation.

  2. A few minutes after finishing your donation you will get an email from Make-A-Wish with the subject line “Thank you for supporting Make-A-Wish!” (It may show up in your junk or spam.) That email includes your receipt. The only personal information in this email is your name and the amount you donated. Forward this email to In the forwarded message include your name, your tumblr URL if you have one, and the prize set you’re interested in. Every $5 you donate is worth one entry for the prize of your choice. If you donate more than $5 you can get an entry for one prize multiple times or you can enter for as many of the prizes as you wish.

  3. When I get your email I will send you a reply with an entry number.

  4. At the end of the donation period the entry numbers will be put into a random number generator to get the winners.

The Prizes:

There are three prize packs as you can see above. The packages break down as follows.

Set A: Tea Time-

  • Figure de Produe JSK from Lusty'n Wonderland donated by enobyw
    Measurements- Bust: 85-98cm Waist: 60-80cm

  • 3 Lolita Tips mascot teas from Adagio Teas (Celeste, Gwendolen, and Lettie)

  • Handpainted Daydream Carnival tea cup made and donated by Darcy Deco

  • A tea steeper for aforementioned tea

  • A copy of Kamikaze Girls (novel) to read while drinking your tea

  • Two bracelets made and donated by Soft Lilac Lace

  • A bracelet and earrings made and donated by kimilavender

  • A mini crown made and donated by Paradise Rose

  • A super soft faux fawn fur collar made and donated by Sweet Mildred

  • A fluffy blond twin tail wig from Wig Supplier

  • A big bow barrette from Baby The Stars Shine Bright

Set B: Lovely Letters-

  • Bodyline blouse L364 size M donated by inkysoupy

  • FanPlusFriend Bookish Beauty skirt size Lady 85 and underskirt (not pictured)

  • Art commission by Antique Teacup (bust, worth $30)

  • Brown wig from Wig Supplier

  • Angelic Pretty Fancy Paper Doll letter set

  • Small journal

  • A copy of Pride and Prejudice

  • A Jane Austen candle by Paddywax

  • A fancy quill and ink

  • A headbow made and donated by Sweet Mildred

  • A parfait necklace made and donated by Paradise Rose

  • Two bracelets made and donated by Soft Lilac Lace

Set C: Cosmetic Cutie-

  • Bodyline cutsew L114 size M donated by inkysoupy
    Slightly altered, ribbons on back/sides have been removed)

  • Bodyline skirt L346

  • Pink wig from Wig Supplier

  • Cosmetics bag from Baby The Stars Shine Bright

  • A bunch of e.l.f. cosmetics to keep in the BTSSB cosmetics bag

  • A cute little lotion and lipgloss from bodycology

  • Katy Perry "Oh, Honey!" false lashes by eyelure

  • Pink wristcuffs from FanPlusFriend

  • Two rings made and donated by Paradise Rose

  • Mirror necklace made and donated by Sweet Mildred

  • Two bracelets made and donated by Soft Lilac Lace

  • A $30 gift certificate for Pretty & Cute

And whether you win one of these prize packages or not you will always get the feeling of doing something good to help children get their wishes!

The total value of the three prize packs is almost $900 and I would ideally like to have that number doubled, but I would be happy if we could raise $1,000! This event will last until Saturday January 18th and the winners will be announced the next day. At that time I will also calculate how much money we raised and share that as well! Winners will be announced on tumblr but will also get emails because a tumblr account is not necessary to participate.

I’m very excited about this event and very happy that I’m finally able to do it! I thank everyone who made donations toward the prize packs and thanks in advance to everyone who donates to Make-A-Wish! For disclaimers, information on who donated items and money toward the prizes, or just to see the original post, see here.

Approved by sew_sweet (who also made the fabulous header image!)


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