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Coscraft wig unpacking & review (image heavy)

Hello guys!

After my first, rather succesful buy from, I decided to buy from them again during their pre-xmas sales. I got the Lara wig for around 24 euros (if I´m not mistaken). And I wanna share it with you (who knows, it seems like not a lot of people know about coscraft which seems kind of a shame..)

Anyway the wig took a bit longer to get delivered (took around 7 working days), but that wasn´t that bad as I wasn´t in a hurry, but I was afraid it might have gotten lost...but it didn´t thankfully.

So, unpacking! Here is the standard coscraft bubblewrap envelope. No damage on the envelope though, even it came in looking like it had a rough trip.

And now, the wig! The wig comes with two clip-ons. Came nicely packed separately, with the standard small black wigcaps to prevent them from tangling. coscraft seems to have really lovely wigs, this one is really silky and thick. The curls were also really pretty.


My two only small beefs with this wig were the color and the bangs. I guess I didn´t look properly but the wig is quite two-colored. The brown streaks were way more prominent than on the photo on the site. Though it´s not a big deal, as it still looks very natural, I did expect a bit more one solid color.

The second is that the bangs are very difficult to style for a typical lolita bang. One of the reviewers actually posted it on their site, but I decided to try it anyways. I do have to agree with the user, it has been a huge pain to try to cut it nicely and it would have probably been better if it stayed as a side bang/fringe.


The wig is also not that Great looking without the clips. Without them it is rather thin on the sides. But with the clips on it looks amazing!

What I love about coscraft is that theyre based in the UK and have regular sales. The communication with them is Great (even their own active Facebook page). They never take long and both of my wigs arrived always in a like a week after ordering.

product: 4/5
service: 5/5
shipping: 5/5
Tags: review product: wigs

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