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BtSSB/AatP Umbrella/Parasol questions...

Hello! I just have a few questions concerning Baby's parasols!

I've recently been planning on purchasing a parasol from Baby's San Francisco online shop (although the parasol is from the Alice and the Pirates section).

I've seen another post on here, that was asking for a comparison of Baby the stars Shine Bright parasols and Angelic pretty ones. That was the only post regarding parasols/umbrellas I could find, so I decided to make this post.

Anyway, I should probably start rambling and get to the point. I would like to know what you all would recommend purchasing, a folding umbrella or a standard umbrella. I'm leaning towards the folding umbrella, only because I think it would be easier to store, although I've heard the folding umbrellas flop around on windier days (I've also heard, however, that Baby's parasols are really sturdy, so I guess that shouldn't really be that big of a problem?).

Here is/are the umbrella(s) that I have my eye on:

So, I would like to know everyone's opinions on these umbrellas, and which one they would recommend. Any other suggestions/opinions/comments about this topic would be appreciated as well! Thank you! :)
Tags: garment: parasols

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