Vysanthe (vysanthe) wrote in egl,

Misako's Tea Party in Australia!

Hi everyone,

So Iast weekend, Misako Aoki visited Australia for the first time to host
a fashion show at the Matsuri Festival here in Sydney! We decided to host
a tea party in her honour, organised by the lovely
xelyna who also acted as translator.

This was the first time anyone associated with Lolita brands had come to Australia,
so we had a record number of lolitas (over 70!) from all over the country attend!

Please watch our video coverage of the weekend here,
including Q&A from Misako and her favourite coordinates of the day,
and a bit of the fashion show featuring Australian independant lolita designers.

Here are some of the coordinates from the tea party that I snapped.
IMG_0076 IMG_0073
IMG_0067 IMG_0061
IMG_0058 IMG_0056

It was really lovely to see so many beautiful lolitas in one place! Hopefully this can become an annual event <3

Tags: media: video

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