xAliceHime (xalicehime) wrote in egl,

Potential (Annual?) Lolita Meet in Exeter, UK - Express your interest to make this a reality!

Hello lovelies!

I've been debating over this idea for quite a while and am quite literally raring to organise a meet in Exeter. I think it would be a brilliant location with a main train line, bubble tea shop, loads of cute stores and bustling atmosphere!
However, I personally have no local loli friends and just simply cannot organise a meet out of the blue and risk no attendees.

And so I would simply like to ask if there are any of you frillies who would attend a meet in Exeter.
Also, if you are interested please do share any ideas for activities! I have a vague itinerary in mind, but would welcome input.

No set dates as yet - but this year, certainly!

With enough interest (perhaps 15 or so individuals) I would be happy to organise everything! :D

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