paillettes (paillettes) wrote in egl,

mossbadger's holiday extravaganza giveaway!

Hello everyone!

I'm running a giveaway on Facebook to promote my indie brand, Mossbadger. I make accessories and textiles for Lolita fashion (including silkscreened and digitally printed designs). The prize for this giveaway is a rosette, necklace, and ring. To enter, you have to be a fan of the page, but no purchase is required, and it's open to worldwide participants. The giveaway ends 12/6/13 - please stop by and check it out.

Here's a direct link to the giveaway:

Please note - the image I'm using for this post is just an example of the stuff I make - I'll let the winner choose if they would prefer a classic, gothic, or sweet themed prize pack. You can see more images of my stuff on my Flickr set here.

(This has been posted with mod permission - thanks!)

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