feryin (feryin) wrote in egl,

F+F revieuw & coord request ( PICTURE HEAVY )

also, first time posting to EGL, yay?
If i forgot anything or did anything wrong in creating my post, tell me and i'll edit!

I ordered two dressed form FanPlusFriend around 25 september ( i forgot the exact date TBH. )
This one in Darkred/Corduroy : http://www.fanplusfriend.com/servlet/the-425/Country-Lolita-Maiden-Tiered/Detail
and this one in white : http://www.fanplusfriend.com/servlet/the-2271/Classical-Lolita%2C-Victorian-Chemise/Detail

And they finally arrived last week!
I was unlucky though, i had to pay fees.
But here is the parcel

No flaws there.. all sides looked pretty normal.

Both the dresses were also wrapped in pastic, pics of both sides:

The white dress front wrapped

White dress back wrapped ( it included a tie thingy.. )

And the dress itself, out of the package!
The fabric feels a little.. weird. its aparently cotton, but it just feels weird.
I couldnt find any flaws, so thats good.

The dress on!
I know im smiling, but it looks WEIRD!
I do really like most of it, but the part near my bust just looks unflattering. Maybe i'll need an overdress/vest to make it look more flattering?
Note: I also didnt buy this to be worn alone, but im kind of in the dark now as to what to do with it.

I also had pictures of the red dress wrapped in the plastic, but it was somewhat dark so its hard to see.
it was just wrapped in a same kind of package as the white one.

And this is the red dress!
I used a flash here, since my room was a bit dark.
the color itself looks WAY prettier, and i totally adore this dress!
the fabric feels amazing, the lace is also of good quality, and i just want to hug it to death xD

I was so exited, i did not put anything underneath this.
but remember the smile form the other picture? add that here please.
I just adore this dress <3
its also quite heavy and warm.. i do think i need a bigger petti for this xD

Also a picture from behind.
No shirring, just lacing.
I might replace this for a black one..
also note the bottom part is just messy, but thats totally my fault for being overly exited ^^'

Overall experience
The making process was a bit slow, but then again they had announced a little stop in making new stuff cause they had too much work still to do. 4/5
Delivery was fine. 5/5

- White dress
I needed a dress somewhat like this for another hobby of mine, so it was actually what eventually led me to buying here.
fabric was meh. i had hoped for something nicer. then again the price was VERY low, so could have known it wouldnt be perfect 3/5
this dress doesnt really have special details or anything else xD

- red dress
thats all there is to it xD 5/5

Would i order form them again?
Yes i would.
the first dress was a bit meh in fabric and bust design with the elastic looking unflattering, but it can be fixed.
the second dress was an impulse buy, but i've completely no regrets about this.
I love it x10.

EDIT: i forgot something. stupid me.
I've just purchased an underbust  salopette, but i've NO experience as how to make it look good.
does someone have any example coords?
It's a plain black one from MILK, and i like classic/gothic styles without too much prints. more the plain stuff.

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