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Lolita and School

I've seen a lot of questions on here about Lolita and school-- and what kind of reactions you get. Today's my first day wearing full-on Lolita, and I'm going to update this as the day goes by, cataloging the reactions I've gotten so far!

7:26 AM
Three girls came up to me and asked me about the way I was dressed. They asked me if I made my dress (it was one I was given as a gift off of Etsy, and it's plain orange, no print, no lace, but with a few ruffles.) and I explained to them that, no, the dresses could be bought online, but for high prices. They said it was cute, and that they would never have the confidence to do such a thing on their own.

7:32 AM
I overheard someone in the hallways saying "She looks like a doll!" All I've gotten so far are some stares and lots of compliments, a teacher even coming up to me and saying that I looked "charismatic."

8:48 AM
My English asked many questions, wanting to know all about it, where I got it, and if I had any more friends in the fashion. She was understanding of the name, and got that it was a mistranslation and nothing sexual. If the bell hadn't ended the conversation, she probably would have learned a lot more than just "Japanese street fashion."

11:50 AM
My Floral Design teacher made me stand in front and explain what my wrist cuffs and petticoats were and then twirl in a circle. Oh well. In French, my teacher practically "squee"'d over my dress, and everyone kept telling me I looked like a doll "in a good way."
Many people wanted pictures. Over all, I think it was a positive reaction!

My advice? Wear medium-poof petticoats (not none, as that will make the dress look unflattering) and tone down the OTT. People could barely handle my puffball hair and single bow, so I can't imagine them being okay with accessories everywhere and wigs. Maybe of you work up it it, it'd be okay, but you would be sure to shock any substitute teachers.
Try to maintain a cute and polite demeanor, not only will it fit the doll look, but it makes people more open to accepting the fashion.
I hope you enjoyed!

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