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Rouge Aerie Designs Nightmare Rising JSK Photos!


I am pleased to introduce to the community the Nightmare Rising series! This is Rouge Aerie Designs' first fully factory manufactured line and one I've been working on getting off the ground a while now. This process has been an exciting one, full of hard work and new knowledge. A whole new world of opportunities is now opening for RAD with this release!

This dress design includes:

  • An original screenprinted illustration in metallic inks on the skirt

  • A bat wing scallop sailor collar

  • A generous, box-pleated skirt (appropriate for both A-line and cupcake petticoat shapes)

  • Two colourways (black with silver and blue with gold)

  • Six sizes (sizes 6-16, Australian sizing; sizes 2 through 12, US sizing)

Previously, RAD pieces could only be produced in one size and only a few pieces at a time, so being able to offer a wider range in one go is one of the main goals I had in seeking out a means of mass production. The screenprinting is an extra bonus, because while I have experience with the process, I have neither the space nor the equipment needed to create my own at this scale.

This past weekend, a few of us took a little field trip to the local rock pools where the lovely Holly (in blue) and Sharon (in black) showed off the dresses. They actually drew quite a bit of interest from tourists and locals going by!

Hope you like the photos we took!





And for a clearer view of the details, here are the dresses on the sewing mannequin:

Nightmare Rising JSK in Black x Silver

Nightmare Rising JSK in Blue x Gold

Nightmare Rising JSK 016



Thank you for taking a look! Hope you enjoyed the photos!
These dresses will also be making an appearance at PMX in California next month as a part of the fashion show.

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