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Lolita Fashion and its Global Secondhand Market

Hello, everybody! I’m doing a lolita fashion-based research project and I need the help of the international lolita community. I’m taking a diversity studio class called Multiculturalism and Identity (here is my project proposal on the class project blog), and am working on a project under the larger umbrella of fashion geography. My interest of doing this project stemmed not just because how interested I am in lolita, but because its role as both a fashion and a collective hobby makes it pretty unique in how it is bought and sold secondhand.

My idea on how to go about this is to first collect some data about the secondhand market- questions about how much people buy it, where it comes from, etc. Please take this survey here! There might be follow-up, if I get more questions about the topic.

My second step is what I need the most collaboration with. My idea is to collect images of lolitas from all over the world in coords made entirely or almost entirely out of secondhand items. I will need the image, your name, location, and age, and a rundown of the outfit (what the garment is and its original geographical origin). Then, the images will be put around a map of the world and will show each lolita at her approximate location and indicate where in the world each of the items come from. By doing this, I hope not only to show the large scale of buying/selling/trading we do, but also showcase the individual styles of lolitas from different cultures and locations. I want to not only to complete the project for class, but to also use it to benefit the lolita community and show what can be done with buying secondhand.


  • Take the survey!

  • Make a coord out of secondhand items

  • Put your name, location, and age

  • Indicate what each item is and where it comes from

  • Send it to obsixwi@gmail.com

Thanks for reading! Tell your friends!

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