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DEAR LENORE Lolita Shoes Review: POSITIVE!

Hello egl,

I recently ordered from the Mexican custom lolita shoe company Dear Lenore, (https://www.facebook.com/LenoreLolitaShoes) and I wanted to make a review because I had a good experience with the company and I know they've had a bad reputation lately for having some shipping delays.

If you'd rather watch a video of the review, I made one here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tXP4vDVehaM

Communication: 5/5

I learned about Dear Lenore after posting a WTB on Lolita Sales in English for lavender tea party shoes, and I needed some to match Day Dream Carnival in lavender, but couldn't find any that were in my size (24.5). Someone suggested Dear Lenore and I hesitated because I've had bad experiences with custom shoes e.g. the sizing being completely wrong, taking too long, etc. But I was desperate, so I ignored the warnings of other lolitas that the company had been having shipping problems and went ahead with it.

I placed my order by messaging on the Dear Lenore Facebook page and got a reply immediately. Communication was prompt and straightforward with no language barriers. Once I confirmed my order, the shoes were made, which took about 5 days, and a picture was sent to me of what my shoes looked like. I then paid and was given a tracking number the next day and an actual photo of my package with my address on it. The tracking number took a few days to update and the site was a little hard to understand, but otherwise no problems.

Shipping: 5/5

I received my package in about a week and a half/two weeks. The packaging was in tact when I got the package:

I liked the cute ribbon tie on it!

When I opened it up, it revealed a plain shoebox

Inside were the shoes, with no flaws or damage

I liked the heart shaped buckles. The matte finish was a nice choice and the shoes look and feel like regular tea party shoes. They're very comfortable to walk in and fit nicely to my feet. I would, however, recommend you consult the shop owner if you have wider feet because the shoes felt a bit narrow. They are also very true to size, they just fit my feet with no extra room, I'm not sure if this is something that will go away if I wear the shoes out more, it might considering they're brand new.

Product: 5/5

I got what I asked for, the lavender matches DDC perfectly. I would order again, the shoes were $45 shipped to me in the USA and I thought that was a good deal for custom shoes.

Thanks for checking out my review! Please ask any questions if you have them.

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