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Review: Lief's Angela Stella Series Long JSK - Positive

I bought several items from Lief. Hope my review helps. : ]
- Angela Stella Series JSK in long length black x black color
- Angela Stella Series Head Dress
- Ribbon Beret Black
- Lief Tote Bag

[Details (click to open)]
How did I order?
- Well, I have some advantage ^^ that I speak Korean. I saw the reservation notice on Lief's FB and send an email to Sora.
Added on 10/6: Sorry if this sentence made you confused. Sora is one of my dear friends in Korea and that's why she let me order this. In addition, she didn't ship the package directly to me. I had another friend in Korea receive it and send it to me. :) As far as I know, currently One Day in Paradise and Ergi are dealing with Lief's overseas sales. Especially, One Day in Paradise is coming to PMX this year handling Lief. I wanted to be honest about how I ordered without telling my private relationship with Sora. I should have mentioned that too. Sorry for the confusion again.

How was the package?
- I didn't take pictures because I was too excited to see them... '_');;;; Literally I tore the package and the plastic bags off...Sorry about this. :(
But the package was neat and every item was wrapped separately in each plastic bag.

Details are following...!

- Angela Stella Series JSK in long length black x black color
It came with the ribbons and angel charm deco which is detachable and a waist ribbon. Two bookmarks(I assume they're bookmarks) of the new prints were enclosed as well.
The fabric is very good comparing with my other Japanese brands like VM. And most of all the print is gorgeous! I love the darker(than amai) and classic print!

I tried to catch the feeling of the fabric and print. I don't know much about the fabric production but this is definitely high quality.
And the cute star shape charms of the waist ribbon. :D

The care label is inside with an additional button. It's cold hand wash but I'd send it to the cleanings since I want to keep them long.
The inner lining is also cotton.

- Angela Stella Series Head Dress
The silver lace makes it so gorgeous. I love the combination of black and silver. :3

- Ribbon Beret Black
I was looking for a quite basic loli beret that can go along with my other black dresses. And I found this. : ]
The ribbon tie and gold ribbon are detachable. The material is good. I like the shape too.

It has two black ribbons. I love the small details like the different materials of each ribbon and the shape.

The gold pin was in a separate bag.

- Lief Tote Bag
Sora tied their original logo ribbon. <3

Communication: 5/5
She answered to my inquiries promptly. The reservation process was very smooth.

Shipping Time: 5/5
Actually the dress came earlier than the original schedule! Also I got updated about the shipment. (I don't like a sudden shipping.)

Packaging: 5/5
Each item was wrapped in each plastic bag and the beret was filled with lots of filler so the shape was protected perfectly. :D

Materials: 5/5
The fabric is the best fit with the print. I just could have felt the quality cotton.

Crafsmanship: 5/5
The sewing is high quality. The pattern is optimized for the print. Most of all, the print is gorgeous and original.

Overall: 5/5
Well, I'm going to reserve the other series, Instruments Regimental Stripe. I'm sure this explains all. : ]

Hope my review is helpful! > 0<)/


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