steph_tudor (steph_tudor) wrote in egl,


Hi everyone

This is my first post to this Community. I have posted this to Teapartyclub which i found to be the London Lolita Community LJ page however i thought i would post it as well as that page didn't seem to be as active.

My name iS Steph and i am a Lolita from Melbourne who is currently on exchange in London. I still consider myself a beginner Lolita as while i have been interested in Lolita for 2.5 years i have only been wearing it actively for 1 year.

I really enjoy going to meets in Melbourne and would love to meet some London Lolitas. If there are any upcoming meets it would be lovely to meet you all.

Also if anyone could recommend any good fabric and craft stores or Lolita stores to check out in London that would be great.

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