m (ecchibat) wrote in egl,

Is Haenuli still accepting orders?

In early August 2013 I was trying to place an order for two JSKs and some tights from Haenuli, and she was very responsive at first. I was trying to see what she had in stock, and nail down my final order over a few emails back and forth. When we had my full order figured out, I stopped getting a response. I've since sent three follow up emails inquiring about an invoice or if my order was ever going to be processed, and still have not heard back.

I saw there was a new print announced a few weeks ago, but even before that I still had not received responses after my last communication in mid-August. I even tried sending from a different email address in case my email wasn't getting through for some reason. We're now going into October and I'm wondering if something happened, or if she's decided to close up shop? I really can't figure out an explanation.

Has anyone had a similar experience?
Tags: ordering: misc questions

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