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Lady Sloth Review: Positive!

My first review. Yay! Prior to sending in my order to Lady Sloth, I had asked if it was okay to pay a few days after it was sent in, and she promptly let me know it was fine, and sent me the invoice a couple days after the date I specified I could pay. I sent in my order on 14/08/13 or so, and paid a few days later. On 14/09/13 she sent me an email saying it was shipped. I received the package 26/09/13. I ordered her Autumn Flowers normal waist skirt in purple, and her Magical landscape JSK in red. I ordered during the summer sale, and the overall price including shipping was 110$ USD

Also, sorry for the poor photos. It was raining the day I got it so the lighting sucks. I've taken some good ones today, but I didn't feel like trying it on again just to take a picture.

I received the package in this condition:

As you can see, Canada post was lovely and put it in a sealed bag when they found it damaged, and luckily the bubble wrap was still intact in the original envelope, so there was no damage. I don't think it was Lady Sloth's fault, as I've received dresses from a few lovely ladies at the comm sale packaged similarly and there was no damage. I believe the postal service just didn't handle it best in the long journey. However, it is possible the envelope was just cheap.

Both the dress and skirt I ordered were sealed in plastic as well.

Shipping: 4/5
It arrived within the time she told me, and everything was unharmed. I'm taking off one point for the damaged package. I'm uncertain whether she could have done better or if it was just the way the postal service handled it.

Communication: 5/5
There were no issues to discuss, so communication was minimal but pleasant, efficient, and smooth.

Pricing: 5/5
It was her summer sale, and I got a real steal on the JSK, which was about 45$ USD I believe, and the skirt, which was not on sale, was about 50$ USD.

Item number one!
Here's the magical landscape JSK, front and back:

A close up of the print, front view and seems:

the bodice, how the bow on the straps are attached:

the lace:

the zipper:

the texture:

worn (sorry, I just tossed it on over my shirt):

the bow:

It fit perfectly! The fabric was a bit thinner than I'd thought it would be, but still decent enough. The two bows on the straps can be removed, but I haven't done so. Too much effort. The lace was a bit rough feeling, but sturdy. Not my favorite, but not bad quality. The texture of the JSK was... it was a bit... ridgey. Like, it was soft, but not smooth. I'm really sensitive to textures, and this one is something that I can stand, but definitely not my favorite. I might think about getting my surrogate grandma, a seamstress, to line it. I'm not a fan of the way the zipper was done, but that's just personal preference. the detachable front bow is nice enough, but as you can see, the glue is a bit all over the back. It's not noticeable when worn and the metal is firmly attached to the bow. The seems are lined up nicely and sewn well.

Fit: 5/5
Construction: 4.5/5
Just because I didn't like the zipper too much.
Quality: 4/5
The glue on the bow, and the thinness of the fabric.

Item number 2!

Here's the skirt:

The lining:

The ruffles on the lining- that's not a loose thread, that's just my hair:

The button:

The "invisible" zipper:

The fabric

Worn (I just put it on quick, so I kind of have part of the side at my front):

Again, it fit perfectly. I really liked the length- It goes to just past my knees, which is nice, since the AP, bodyline, and offbrand JSKs and skirts I have mostly go either just to it, or a bit above it. The lining is soft and comfortable. The outer fabric- it feels amazing- very soft and smooth, I love it. It's thin, but that's probably why it's lined. The only thing I didn't like about the fabric is that up close it's kinda grainy as I showed in the second fabric picture. The invisible zipper wasn't as nice as a few I've seen, but the way the skirt gathers, it falls to cover the zipper nicely.

Fit: 5/5
Construction: 4/5
The zipper wasn't as nice as some I've seen, but not bad and not noticeable when worn.
Quality: 4/5
The print was grainy, but not noticeable unless you're up close.
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