Hilde (kittensandsteam) wrote in egl,

Help with a J-culture magazine?


For the next edition of Belgian based J-culture magazine BCM (we always have HEAPS of Lolita things as content!) I am looking for high resolution (the bigger the better, but 1333/1500 x 2000 pixels at the very least!) photos for two of our upcoming fashion features.
Namely Christmas themed outfits and outfits inspired by Doctor Who.
If you would like to participate and see your outfit in the magazine, that would be awesome and you'd have my eternal gratitude!
Please send your photo, along with an outfit run-down of where you got the pieces, to hildekitten at gmail dot com

For examples of what our fashion features look like, please have a look at the current edition. I promise nothing dubious will happen to your photos!

Thank you for reading!

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