witcheemon (witcheemon) wrote in egl,

Any cross stitchers out there?

Wait, don't kick me out just yet, I promise this is relevant.

I'm looking to finish my current cross stitch in the next 2-3 months. And I've already started thinking about what I'm going to do next. My last two projects have been full on long term projects, taking about 9-15 months each, so I'm thinking about doing something a little less hardcore. And I'd really like to do something lolita related.

I'm thinking about converting one of APs pattern swatches into a sampler style cross stitch. I think French cafe might look nice on some royal blue linen, or even sugar fairy cake or sheep garden could be nice. If I'm feeling more adventurous though, I think I might also want to find a nice illustration of a girl in a coord to stitch. Converting either should be relatively easy. I'd probably not bother with a chart program, might just blown them up in photoshop and lay a grid over it, then match the colours myself out of my thread boxes.

So I guess I'm just reaching out to anyone else who cross stitches, or has drafted a pattern from these sorts of images. My personal preference when stitching any girl/lady/fairy is that they have nice delicate faces. My last two projects have been Joan Elliott charts. :)

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