charmeineangel (charmeineangel) wrote in egl,

Issues with Angelic Pretty sending wrong product

I recently made an order on the Angelic Pretty English website, ordering a necklace and Dream Sky Tights. However, they ended up sending me Musee du Chocolat tights instead! The website says replies take 1-2 weeks. What the heck? That is ridiculous!

I’ve actually heard from other lolitas that Angelic Pretty is notorious for screwing up orders, and then making the customer pay for return shipping. Ugh, I really expect more from such a well-known brand. This is my first order from them, and probably my last. I’ll be just buying from the USA store from now on...

Has anyone else had issues with Angelic Pretty like this? Any suggestions on how to solve this situation?
Tags: *angelic pretty, discussion: brands, garment: legwear, review product: legwear

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