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IW Order Help : (

After placing an order from IW for an OP back in July, I have yet to receive the invoice or be contacted after one email:

So I had placed an order for IW's Marie Bell OP in black during the sale back in July. The dress was exactly what I wanted and paypal money in hand I placed an order for international buyers on July 21st. I got the auto reply email the same day and an email on August 1rst saying the other item I had ordered that was on sale was sold out. Ok, no problem there, I'll just get the dress then. The dress wasn't on sale and I'm wondering how much of a difference that makes, but they said the dress would be back from the warehouse that Thursday. Alright! no problem there, now I just need to wait for the invoice.

I contacted them August 21rst via the email thread and via their contact form asking about the status of the order, including dates, order number etc. I was informed that they only have 1 English speaker taking care of international orders, so it's understandable that things could take awhile. At this point I have had fellow lolitas receive their orders from around the same time and after ordering from me and up til today have still not received any reply from either avenues. I'm rather bummed overall since I ordered from them last year and everything got taken care of within the week. The holiday season is coming up too and the meet I had wanted the dress for is this month. I understand that such things take time and want to be more patient and running a business that deals with international orders is doubly busy, but at this point I'm ready to call it quits on the order but now fear that I might be banned for canceling an order. I like their clothes and don't want to get myself in a bind. Has anyone else had the same problem as me or are experiencing lack of communication on their part? Any help in this would be great before I decide on canceling.
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