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Pumpkin Cat (Taobao) Review

Hello~ ^^ I recently came across some nice items on the Taobao shop, Pumpkin Cat, specifically this JSK and this blouse. I found no reviews on here, but the Chinese reviews sounded good, so I decided to give them a try.

I ordered the JSK, headbow, and blouse on August 13th through Taobaospree. I received a reply the next day from Ms. Zeng confirming that the items were in stock, so I payed the first fee. They received the items at Taobaospree on the 19th, so I payed the second fee. On the 21st, the package was shipped and I was given a tracking number. The package came surprisingly fast :3. Everything got to my place on the 26th. Altogether the process took 13 days, though I was only able to get to and open the stuff today.

The box was quite small, and wrapped in a whole bunch of packing tape. XD Everything was nice and neat inside though with clear plastic bags around each type of item, and there was no damage to the box. The total weight was 1.3 kg.
Taobaospree: 5/5 The communication is quick and helpful and the packaging keeps everything in good condition.

Everyday Thick Chiffon Blouse Size M, Black
Blouse - Front photo Blouse-Front_zpsa857e4d9.jpgBlouse - Back photo Blouse-Back_zps1131d96d.jpg
This blouse is made of a nice thick chiffon. It's practically opaque, so there shouldn't be any issues with transparency. I probably should have ordered a large though. XD; Medium fits, but L would have been more comfy.

Blouse - Collar photo Blouse-Collar_zps81f2b91c.jpg Blouse - Cuff photo Blouse-Cuff_zpsbafeadfb.jpg

Overall, the blouse is quite well made and very cute. The sleeve cuffs are a little tight for me though, probably a result of getting a smaller size than I should have. Even still, I can button them without feeling like my wrists are suffocating. The right sleeve also seems to be slightly puffier in the shoulder than the left, which can look a little odd, but it's not a large difference. The buttons are lovely and it comes with a tiny red ribbon bow to pin onto the collar.
Blouse: 4/5

The Queen of Hearts Black and Red Stripe JSK Size M
JSK - Front photo JSK-Front_zps4c01b4d7.jpgJSK - Back photo JSK-Back_zpse4f9e594.jpg
This is a heavy dress! But it's just lovely~ The material is a wool-like fabric and pretty soft. It's really warm though, so on a hot and muggy day like this I certainly couldn't use it ^^; Because of its weight, it can push down a petti quite some. The entire dress is unlined.

JSK - Bodice 1 photo JSK-Bodice1_zpsc505c974.jpgJSK - Bodice 2 photo JSK-Bodice2_zpsc80e8786.jpgJSK - Buttons photo f92623d3-50cc-44ca-b860-aec690e985d9_zps3c0ab8b8.jpgJSK - Ribbon photo JSK-Ribbon_zpsb2018a5e.jpgJSK - Ruffles photo JSK-Ruffles_zpsacdd25a5.jpg
On the right side of the dress is a small zipper, which can be rather difficult to pull up around the waist. There are also detachable waist-ties and the ribbons in the back are velvety. At the bottom of the dress, there are two small bows on the left and right. They happen to be slightly off-center though, more to the left. It could be the way it fits or something, but the bodice appears a little shorter in person, a bit above the waist (though I'm a little tall).

There are some small errors with the JSK, but nothing intolerable. I am just in love with the design and the fabric. =w=
JSK: 4/5

Accessories photo Accessories_zps5f1507f0.jpg
Along with the JSK and blouse came some little things, a pinnable clock, ribbon bow, and and some little club and diamond bows. The headbow had to be ordered separately, and also came with a pinnable (smaller) clock and card symbols. Be gentle with these things though ;w; I accidentally got one of the pins off of the card symbols for the bow, so I'll have to glue it back on.

Pumpkin Cat overall: 4/5 They've got some terribly pretty items and they're all well-made, though prone to little hiccups. Things look just as nice as the stock photos! I can honestly say I'm not disappointed :3

Aaaand a worn photo
Worn photo 9cd422c2-fa61-4875-aa4c-37e665fcc728_zps1265acd3.jpg

Thanks for reading!
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