ciellucy (ciellucy) wrote in egl,

Matryoshka x Lief :D

Hi everyone :D
I want to share my experiences ordering for the first time from Lief, the Korean Lolita brand.

Lief just started launching their brand this year, but they already released 4-5 designs and all of them are stunning!

I ordered directly from Lief’s official web site with Paypal.
Before I ordered it, I had a few questions regarding payment and shipping cause it was my first time to ordering from them. And little bit problem to order from the English website, but they answered quickly and clearly. (Also you can see updates from Facebook and contact them from there too.)
Shipping was also faster than I expected, so the experience was pretty much smooth and painless.

This series has 3 primary colors, which are white, blue and red (all of them has original color names) and 3 types of design.
I got the Apple red color one-piece design, which the model is wearing.

For the clothes, the fabric is pretty nice in comparison to other well-known brands like Baby or Angelic. It says cotton 100% and machine washable, but I have not washed it yet.

Also it has pocket and zipper on one side and quite comfortable while wearing.
Size is about the same as they mentioned, back shirring is not too tight,
and quite comfortable for me (my size is about to 7).
Fabric is made of a little bit thick cotton, so recommended wearing around spring or autumn. :)

Color is pretty much the same as shown on online.

This is the detail of the print, it’s so adorable!

For the pattern aligning is pretty good as you can see from this picture.

Overall, I read some mixed reviews regarding Lief when they were working with other brands, but in my case, the experience has been great thus far.

I hope this review helps you should you decide to order from Lief,
I will write another review when I get the next series too:D

- FYI, They have ongoing reservations for a new series called "Alice in mixwork" on their web site. If you like Alice in Wonderland, you should check it out! I already ordered it. :P
- FYI 2, Lief's website is here... <3


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