Am I infamous yet? (ragnarok_hound) wrote in egl,
Am I infamous yet?

Fitocracy Group for Lolitas and Aspiring Lolitas: Fit for Frills


I just started a new group on Fitocracy for Lolitas called Fit for Frills, and I thought some of you might be interested. This site has a points and leveling system, so you can make a game of excercise. The group is there to help motivate one another to stay in shape and become strong. We also have a tumblr blog for excercise and snacking advice, and inspiration posts.

Does your passion for fitness match your love of Lolita fashion?
Do you have a little bit of excess weight you want to shed to look even better in that new Innocent World dress?
Want to stay in shape for that special coord you have planned for Winter Lolita Day?
Do you feel a little bad about having all that cake at the last tea party you attended?
Or are you just fucking sick and tired of taking shit from weirdos with cameras? (Disclaimer: Fit for Frills accepts no legal responsibility for you decking a creep, but we will cheer you on from the sidelines!)

No worries, comrade. We are here for you! Grab a dumbell and a strawberry protein shake. Mister Rococo be with you.

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