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Question: China Post experiences.


This is my first post here...if it's off-topic feel free to delete. I am just wondering what everyone's experience is here with ordering things shipped from China Post. I recently ordered a pair of shoes from Clobba Online and was mistakenly quoted for Registered Airmail rather than my selected EMS, so it came through China Post (to Japan where I reside). I searched a bit online (not just Lolita communities) and cringed at people's experiences (3 months wait...) and the fact that being located close to China seemed to make no difference in wait times.

My personal experience has been nothing but great, and totally unlike anyone else's that I've read. My tracking number worked about 3 days after it was issued to me. It was in collection for a couple of days, then sent off to customs in Shanghai, then shipped off from Shanghai the next day, then arrived to Japan the next day, cleared customs right away and is set to arrive tomorrow. It will have taken 8 days total, counting the weekend, and my tracking number worked and was updated. I was also able to check the tracking from Japan Post as soon as it cleared Chinese customs.

Is this NOT typical? I'm wondering, since I mostly read people's experiences re: China Post on electronics and gadgets message boards, if those are more likely to be delayed. Since we order clothing, is that why it's faster, or did I just totally luck out? I am asking this because if the shoes fit right, I'm planning on making another order with Clobba in the next couple of weeks. I am not the kind of person who wants to wait two weeks or longer for a package, and I wouldn't want to put up with non-updated tracking information either. I'm high-strung and I want to know where my stuff is, and want it to arrive in a timely fashion or I will stress out. So, would having it sent through China Post again just be tempting fate? I've read that conversely, sending it through EMS could mean having it stuck in customs longer..I don't know if that's true for clothing or not. Especially since Japanese customs are very fast and efficient.

What are people's experiences here with China Post? Any contributions welcomed. :)

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