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Headwear advice: Wedding Edition

I'm attending a wedding for one of my cousins in a few weeks, and I plan to wear lolita to it. I've worn lolita around the family before, and they love it. I've already gone and cleared the dress I plan to wear, a deep chocolate brown op based on AP's Pure Lady OP, with the bride. She thought it was really cute, and the perfect level of formality for the event. I'm finishing up the sewing this afternoon, but now with the main piece finished, I've come to a startling realization. I have nothing for my head, and I have never seen worn pics of this dress either for inspiration, with short hair or not. On top of it, I'm starting on another dress for the days after, as this wedding is a multi-day thing, and I have nothing head-wise for that either. I could use a little styling help from you ladies.

Basically I have the Pure Lady op, minus the little pink ribbon belt, and a pixie length hair-cut.

I looked and agonized over what sort of head-wear would look best with it, because I couldn't find any pictures of it on an actual person, much less a full outfit. On top of that, I don't want to show up the bride, so whatever I am wearing will have to be understated as well as well-coordinated.

I'm also in the process of starting on the second dress for the day after, and I'm having a similar problem: A distinct lack of headwear.


What would you ladies and gents recommend? I can't go charging out of the starting gate with this. I want to keep it subtle, but still look put-together and composed. Thank you for your input ahead of time!

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