burnthebones (burnthebones) wrote in egl,

Taobaobuying Response Time?

Hey, all. Does anyone have experience using Taobaobuying? I'm curious about their turn-around on responding to questions. I'm trying to get in on an R-Series reservation, and I went with Taobaobuying over Taobaonow because I've read Taobaobuying's customer service is really good and I had a few questions around custom sizing. Problem is the reservation ends August 4 and I'm worried about getting everything arranged in time (unfortunately, I wasn't aware of the reservation until someone posted about it).

I'm still within the first 48 hours of contacting them with my questions. I'm not trying to come off as impatient, I'm just concerned about the limited time I have to get this sorted.
Tags: *r series, marketplace: taobao, ordering: reservations, ordering: shopping services, request: advice

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