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NEGATIVE Sweet Like Candy (Yunni / Mikarin) Shopping Service review

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I contacted Sweet Like Candy (the owner also known as Yunni although she went by Mikarin to me) to be my shopping service for the Angelic Pretty Dream Sky re-release. I wanted to purchase one JSK through her. I emailed her on May 27th and got a confirmation that I was number one for the spot the same day.

I received my invoice on June 3rd and paid it the same day. It was for:
The Dress
Her Commission (12%)
A Travel fee (800 yen)
And a Paypal fees (3%)

I received a reply on June 4th confirming the payment was received, and asking if I wanted the package marked down. I said no, I would like the package insured for the full value.

On June 10th I asked her a question about a very important shipping detail. (It involved a mistake with my shipping address.) No response for a couple of days. So I asked if she got my email one June 13th since it was an important issue and I received this response on June 14th:


I'm sorry.

My Paypal was locked, it was suspected I was hacked.

If you pay the original invoice, I can refund you the difference. That seems simplar.

Let me know when you pay so we can add you to the paid list.

I am going to Angelic pretty at 10:00 am.

Send me a message as soon as you've paid.

Thank you


This was... incredibly odd. By the time I saw this email, she had sent a second email shortly after saying that she received my payment and the paypal shipping information was fine. So I specified the mistake again and asked her to confirm she got the information.

No response after that. No confirmation. Nada.

Dream Sky had already been released by this point.

I got no update from Mikarin as to if she got my order. I was starting to feel uncomfortable about her as a SS, and began looking to see if I could get the JSK somewhere else because it had been two days and I got no notice if she was able to buy my JSK or not. And I knew the longer I waited, the harder it would be to get it.

I emailed her on the 16th, asking if she was able to get my order. She responded not too long after and said she was able to get it online. I thanked her and asked her if I would be refunded the 800yen travel fee and she said yes, once the package was shipped.

On the 17th, I received a mass confirmation saying she was able to get my order. (Kinda strange to me that it was sent 3 days after the release?) In the email, it said:

We will send you a photo or your items along with your Tracking Number. And refund for any accessories we were unable to obtain.

I never received a photo or a tracking number.

On the 24th I emailed her yet again, asking for an update.

She replied the same day saying she said she sent the tracking number through Paypal and it was shipped on the 22nd. I got no email from Paypal. I logged in to checked my Paypal and surprise surprise: no tracking number was ever uploaded. A blatant lie. But she did give me the tracking number herself at least.

I received the package quickly as expected for EMS shipping, on the 26th. But upon getting it, I was upset to find that the box's value had been marked down and the tag tempered with.

She marked down the package to $100.

I wrote her the same day, asking for my 800yen refund, and also asking why it was marked down/the tags were messed with.

It's done to prevent the high fee in customs.

We did it to all of the items once I got them since once a customer was charged 150 dollars in customs fees for her full set when they discovered the tags and saw what the dresses were really worth.

I am sorry that I did not inform you of this prior to doing it.
It's just to protect our customers.
Lolita is expensive enough on its own plus commission, fees and shipping. Then to have to pay to receive your item on top of that.

We don't do it on large orders in case a customer wants to have insurance.

I HAD ASKED FOR FULL INSURANCE and SPECIFICALLY told her not to mark it down.

I was livid. She also did not reply to me asking for the travel fee refund. So I asked AGAIN. No response. On the 29th I sent her another email saying if I did not receive that travel fee back I would be taking action. I had already asked multiple times about it and was blatantly ignored each time. It was supposed to be sent to me after she mailed the package. (Not that I was ever notified about that either.) She responded immediately with an excuse and then sent the refund, and said she would send me a free gift for all the trouble.

I said it was nice of her to do that, and waited.

Welp, it has been a month and two days now and no free gift. I really wouldn't have cared if I got no gift, but for her to say she would send something and then never do it? It's the cherry on top of this BS SS.

So, in summary:

  • Awful, awful and confusing communication.

  • She did not keep me updated about my order, in regards to if she got it and when she shipped it.

  • I had to fight for my refund.

  • She marked down my package SIGNIFICANTLY and tempered with my dress' tags even when I asked her to insure it at its full value and specifically said do not mark it down.

  • She lied about sending me a gift as an apology.

And, ratings:

  • Shipping: ?/5 Once the package was in the mail it arrived quickly, as EMS does, but the fact she marked down my package so low and never told me it was shipped... I want to say 0/5 honestly.

  • Communication: 0/5 She was prompt with questions that A: Did not involve refunding my money, and B: Giving me a slot/invoice. All the important things, such as if she even got my order, were not communicated to me unless I asked first.

  • Commission: 0/5 I do not feel she should be charging 12% for this headache.

  • Overall: 0/5 I will never order with her again.

It seems I am not the first person to have an issue with this Shopping Service. While a lot of those reviews were from a while back... I have to say that after this experience, Sweet Like Candy is still not worth the stress and trouble. She was also active on other social medias (youtube, facebook, etc.) daily, despite not communicating with me.

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