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FanPlusFriends Fear

Hello my fellow frill-seekers, its Gabs here and today I have a question about the infamous clothing store  FanPlusFriends .In a few months time I will be attending a anime con with a few of mt best fiends. We've all agreed to dress up in our respected styles for a photo shoot taking place at the con. Ive chosen to dress in lolita naturally. This will be the first time my friends will see me in months and in full lolita attire and I want to look my best for them and the shoot. I thought of placing an "quick" order with  FanPlusFriends for an all white shiro outfit, however after doing some research I have noticed that this company can be a hit or miss when it comes to the things they sell. For the price it all seems like good clothes but they can come off as costume like or cheap especially with their lace. The things I was thinking of ordering were:

This blouse
  TP00051_01 TP00051_04
I believe there is a lace over lay on the collar
TP00051_02 without the jabot
TP00051_06close up of the lace (which doesnt look too bad)

This skirt
Classical_Lolita_Lace_&_Jacquard_Double_Layer_Skirt_SP00137_01   SP00137_04 SP00137_06 The lace seems as though it could be stiff

V00006_30   V00006_32
I am quite in favor of this one because I believe that it will highlight my hourglass figure well. (plus I dont want to overload on lace)

Anyhow I need the help of someone who has dealt will this company before. Are they dependable as of late or am I better looking else where? Does anyone own any of these items or anything similar? I would just order a brand piece, but I just paid off my summer semester classes and paid for tution and books for the fall so I am college kid broke at the moment. Any advice at all will be much appreciated! And I mean any advice at all.


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