Skylar (skyrawrz) wrote in egl,

Juliette et Justine Credit Card Problems

I put in an order for Juliette et Justine's re-release and selected credit card. There was never any page that let me input my card info so I waited for an email where they told me to put my info in on a green page. I put in all of the info correctly but I keep getting the message (translated):

"I am sorry. The following error will occur now.

Credit card information was not approved.
On the check, thank you for your input again."

I called the card company to see if they were denying it but but they said there were no declined charges so it's something wrong with JeJ's site? I emailed them 2 days ago telling them the site isn't working for me and if they could invoice me through paypal. I haven't heard back yet and am getting paranoid. Has anyone else had this problem before? I'm considering ordering again and choosing the paypal method but I don't want to screw anything up.
Tags: *juliette et justine

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