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What is your all time dream dress or print?

I made a post quite a while back about what your favorite brands were, but I was rather curious as to what your dream dresses and/or prints are. We all have one, two or maybe twenty on a word document (or for me a Powerpoint presentation) and we spend some time lurking in the comm sales, Closet Child, Alice Fururun and eBay hoping it shows up for a good price. So spill the beans: what would you love to own one day?

I have too many to list, but here are some that really stand out to me:

AaTP: Queen of Snow and the Magic of Whiteness JSK 1 in wine or green
Queen's Coach Print JSK 1 in wine or black
St. Mephisto Cathedrale Print JSK in iris or pink
The End of Immortal Eden JSK 1 in black or navy
Vampire Requiem Print Corset JSK in navy
Masquerade Theater Print JSK in navy

AP: French Polkadot JSK in black or navy
Merry Making Party JSK in pink or navy
Dream Sky OP in blue (the 2013 re-release)
Sweetie Chandelier OP in black
Cinema Doll OP in lavender

BtSSB: The Secret Garden... Rosette Rose JSK in mint
Queen of Snow ~ The White Kingdom...~ Snow Rose JSK in black or lavender
Nanairo Prism Stripe OP in blue or pink

MM: Perfume Bottle JSK in lavender, pink or brown (also because it's the only dress from them that would actually fit me)

Meta: Thorny Rose Bustle Pinafore Dress in green or black
Night of Masquerade Short Sleeve OP in navy or wine
Twinkle Journey Pinafore JSK in navy or wine

MMM: Front Cross Chiffon JSK in navy x offwhite
Shirred Sleeping Garden OP in purple or navy

There are lots more, but those are the ones I would truly love to own.
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