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Taobao Indie-Brand Eyecandy Post

Hello everybody! I run a tumblr that posts updates and translations from indie brands on Taobao, today I want to share some interesting finds for the past month \(^▽^*)
Edit: R-series does accepts custom orders for the <To My Lovely Glutton> Series!

EDIT 2/8/2013: I was asked to check whether bespoke orders were accepted, and this is R-Series's reply:


"Hello, sorry for the late response. As long as you place an order during the reservation, you are welcome to have your items made to your own size. :D The bespoke fee is basically an extra 50RMB for the blouse, 100RMB for JSK, 80RMB for the skirt. According to the measurements provided by a customer, the custom-sizing fee may change, for example if your measurements are larger than we’ve expected, the fee may increase. Thank you for your question :D"
The info is not on the respective items’ sale pages, so if your SS needs verification, R-series’s message is here: http://www.weibo.com/2231021385/A2SWjczM3

I am not affiliated with any taobao brand, shopping service, or business entity. This post is not an advertisement for
any product.
To my understanding, none of the items are replicas. If they turn out to be replicas please let me know
so I can remove them
Also, I do not buy down all the items that I post. I only post/translate what I find interesting. You
should do your own research before buying from individual shops.

If you ever feel like you're using an SS solely because you can't seem to find the original item link, you are welcome to
submit it to
my tumblr, and I will try my best to find it for you A few other regular readers also help, sometime they find
items more successfully than I do =) Then you can decide which SS you prefer using


預訂/预订: I am a reservation page. This item is open to pre-orders.
定金: Literally “deposit amount."
余款/餘款: Participants of a reservation make their final payment, items are ready to ship
现货: Ready stock available
There is no actual term for salopettes in Mandarin, when translated, it's the same as Jumperskirt. "背带裙“

Chess Story - Le jardin de versailles pre-orders
Onepiece / JSK / Skirt / Blouse
[More info]
Reservations begun on 14 July, but it still seems like you can place an order!
Hot-iron on print, printed on satin finish fabric.
Onepiece dress comes with a detachable over-skirt, a shawl and a brooch.
Jumperskirt comes with a fixed, non-removable overskirt onll
The corset skirt does not come with anything else.

Pinstripe Sailor OP 258RMB

Summer Sailor Lolita Sailor’s Ropes OP (inferior version)
[More info about inferior version]"Unfortunately the suppliers handed over fabric in two different shades of pink, and this was sent to the production line, the mistake was only discovered after production, that is why, we have a batch of dresses with a more dusty pink bottom hem ruffle (see left), and another batch of dresses with rosier pink bottom ruffles (see right). Therefore we created a separate purchase listing @ 238 RMB per dress for the dresses with a wrong bottom ruffle"

R-Series: To my lovely glutton collection
[Info & Measurements]Reservations for the skirt and JSK end on 3rd August. R-Series has no intention to produce extra stock for non-reservation participants. The skirt will be VERY voluminous, don’t hold back your petticoats! Otherwise, the cutlery print will be hidden beneath the folds!

Skirt measurements:
Waist, average - 64cm
Waist, maximum stretched elastic - 82cm
Best fits waist range of 60-78cm
Length, excluding ruffles 43cm
Overall Length 52cm
Items will be ready to ship on 24 August

JSK measurements:
Bust, average - 85cm
Bust, maximum stretched elastic - 109
Bust, best fits range of 82-94cm
Waist, average - 64cm
Waist, maximum stretched elastic - 82cm
Best fits waist range of 60-78cm
Length of bodice, 34-36
Overall length, 90-92cm
Dusty pink colourway 復古粉 : will be ready to ship on 17 August
Cream colourway 生成色 : ready to send out on 24 August

Kidsyoyo's Little White Cloud (Second re-release)[Translated measurements]

~ヾ(^∇^) Previews & Sneak Peeks posted on the shops' weibo accounts (*^▽^)/~

Carousel print preview from Classical Puppets

Strawberry Cats from Rococo Soul

[Rococo Soul&apos;s message on 23 July]
Strawberry Cats Series: Interest check to determine the quality and colour-ways. Depending on interest, another shipment of fabrics may be required. Fabric is imported from Japan. If you purchase a full set it will be 550RMB; full set includes head accessory, back shirring, can fit persons of bust 110cm and below without any problems, skirt length 90cm including lace. If you already notified me of your interest during the Hong Kong tea party you don’t have to send me another message. Will start sales on approximately the first week of August. It will be available in Sax Blue (pictured) and Black only.

Other Stuff

Misako Aoki Tea Party + first overseas "mini-show" - Taiwan Lolita page
10 August - Taichung 18:20~20:50 帕蒂Coco歡樂烘焙2樓
Address: 台中市北區榮華街158巷1號 tel:(04) 2235 1195

11 August - Taipei 18:30~21:00 伯朗咖啡館中山一店3樓
Address: 台北市中山北路2段74號 tel:2511-6747

Classical Puppets Tea Party in Shanghai
Classical Puppets Shop (法华镇路150弄1号101 Fa Hua Zhen Lu No. 150 No.1 101) On August 8, 17th and 18th. To partcipate you need to purchase the tickets according to the date of your attendance:




That's all! I hope the information will be useful! Happy shopping everybody!
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