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Angelic Pretty Buying Question. *Resolved

Hello There Gals!
(Sorry or the Grammar, I'm really exhausted)

 So My brother is visiting Tokyo right now and he told he is going to go to the Angelic Pretty Tokyo Store for me! He can Visit Some other locations too I think, But I doubt it.

So I am head-over-heels in love with this dress (http://www.angelicpretty.com/shopping/item/jsk/132J4-2782/132J4-2782.htm)
But on the Site it says it is sold out...Well Actually...

Three Of the Colorways (Whitexred,RedxRed, and PinkXPink) say that they are sold out in " All Stores" (※全店完売 )
While the BlackxBlack one just says "Sold Out" (The Blue Bar)

Does that mean the Black one could still be lurking around Tokyo?

Anybody Ever had an experience like this?

 I need to know, I don't want my brother wasting his time.

EDIT: Hey Thank You guys who replied! My Brother already went to the store and did what you guys suggested! Unfortunately they don't have it anymore, So he's getting me something from Meta! I'm gonna try emailing Angelic Pretty USA, They might have connections and if not I'll just hope it'll pop up some day in the EGL Sales page, but anyway...Thank you so much!
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