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I need help identifying this JSK :)

Hi there my lovelies ,

So i bought a JSK a few weeks back off a girl who had, had it stored in her closet for a very long period of time ,
Despite asking the previous owner as well as hunting on the internet i still cannot find out the name of this dress :(
The brand is Innocent World and i do believe it to be one of their older releases.
Any help identifying this JSK would be a huge help :)


I am sorry about the bad quality (I am awful at taking pictures)

<lj-cut text="Read more">
A close up of the border print :

I am also unsure of the value of this dress
To my knowledge i am the second owner and the dress was only worn twice by the previous owner (and was kept in the closet for a very long time). I myself have only ever tried the dress on once. It is in immaculate condition. I am just unsure of how to value this JSK as i am debating to whether or not I shall sell it.

Thank you for reading this :)

(Mods: If  I have done anything wrong in this post , could you please contact me and I will correct it for you :) 
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