allureviola (allureviola) wrote in egl,

Lolita meet in London?

Hello girls ~~ hope you don't mind me posting here as i had checked out the london and old teapartyclub communities but it seemed as though the comms were not so live as they used to be...

I'm a lolita from Singapore who will be visiting London again soon ^.^~~ i was hoping to meet some lolis for a little afternoon visit to a museum (eg Wallace Collection?) or tea as a nice walk down memory lane. I had actually lived in London for three years for university and organized the lolita meet at the Tate Modern some years ago in 2007 (the amazing frilly meet and it was so unforgettable!!) Hope to see some of the lolis again, whether you are in London or from outside London but would like to travel in :) i can't wait to hear your stories!!

I was thinking afternoon of the 15th August? Or would you girls have more suggestions?? Please let me know... ~ or if im simply posting in the wrong grp and there is another one somewhere which is more live please let me know! I simply don't check this as much anymore.

Love!! ~ grace

(Ps: for a little bit of nostalgia... Our old photo from back in 2007 i believe! ^.^)

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