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Do Any Japanese Second Hand Shops Accept Want To Buy Requests?

So I've noticed over the years that shops like Closet Child and Tokyo Alice have pages (and sometimes booklets) with items they will pay a premium for. Most of the time, the things on those pages make sense; popular colorways of popular items, recent releases, etc. But every now and then things pop up on there that are somewhat puzzling; less popular prints that aren't just a season out, solids, less popular colorways, etc.

Which made me wonder; do any of those shops take requests? Not necessarily online, but just in general? Granted, I'd assume if they did the price probably wouldn't be great, but it's just something I've been wondering about for a while.
Tags: request: information, store: alice fururun, store: closet child, store: tokyo alice, store: usagiyouhinten

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